#Hannovermesse HART display educated users on the benefits of using HART Technology

HART Exhibit Gives Users Unique Opportunity to “See and Hear” HART Communication at Work

The HART® Communication Foundation unveiled a unique trade show exhibit at the Fair that gives users the opportunity to “see and hear” HART Communication at work with actual sight and sound. The demonstration is part of two displays—Get Connected and WirelessHART—within the large multi-vendor HART exhibit. Both displays also will be shown at ACHEMA 2012 (18-22 June, Frankfurt, Germany).

HART at Hannover

“HART Communication has two simultaneous communication channels – 4-20mA and HART digital. The HART digital channel communicates using frequencies compatible with telephone systems and consequently is audible to the human ear,” says Wally Pratt, Foundation Chief Engineer. “We created an isolating audio amplifier and a circuit board with a light so that people can actually hear HART messages being sent and see them via a flashing light.”

Because HART Communication has its own distinct sound, simply listening to the communication can be used to troubleshoot a HART network using the highly defined ability of the human ear to distinguish individual sounds, Pratt adds. “It is easy to hear the difference between HART communication and noise or interference.”

The Get Connected display demonstrates HART technology and shows what HART information is available including diagnostics and troubleshooting. The WirelessHART display demonstrates how the set-up of a WirelessHART device is basically identical to that of a wired HART device and includes the WirelessHART adapter and the WirelessHART gateway.

Get Connected shows how easy it is to configure a device and both a temporary and full-time connection to intelligent device information. The display demonstrates the process of taking a new device out of the box and commissioning the device before installation.

Get Connected also shows:
how HART delivers value throughout the plant life cycle – from work bench to operations to maintenance and troubleshooting;
how multiple devices (from 1 to 1,000s) can “get connected” to the control system – from the factory floor to the control level to the enterprise level;
device configuration from a centralized or remote location with real time access to HART information in HART-enabled devices;
• predictive maintenance using complex intelligent devices, such as valve signature in a valve positioner; and
• a level echo envelope curve using radar or ultrasonic technology.

At the WirelessHART display viewers are able to add a device to the network by inserting the join key and the network ID using the same tools they currently use. The display shows the many types of WirelessHART adapters, their many power options and their many wiring / connection options.

WirelessHART also shows:
• how the huge HART device catalog can easily be made wireless;
• how to choose the right adapter for a given situation or measuring point;
• key applications in graphics and on a computer display; and
• the benefits of going wireless.

• See more on the Fie;d Communication Lounge in “Communications love in at Hannover!”


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