#SPS17 Smart automation software for any infrastructure.

COPA-DATA will attend SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg, Germany from November 28-30. Joined by eight partners, the company will be demonstrating how the zenon software is able to lay the foundations for the city of the future right now. The company will be stationed in Hall 7, Booth 590.

CopaData_SmartCitiMore and more people are moving to the city – a trend that presents major hurdles. In order to prevent a shortage of resources and improve quality of life, the city of the future must be more efficient and more sustainable. At SPS IPC Drives, COPA-DATA will be exhibiting on how urban areas can start gearing up for these future challenges now.

The automation software zenon is highly cost-effective in this and can be easily integrated into existing systems. “With zenon we’re able to put the city of the future into effect now. No matter whether the task involves controlling local traffic, street lighting or waste disposal, zenon offers an efficient solution,” explains Andreas Zerlett, Sales Excellence Energy & Infrastructure / Smart City at COPA-DATA. SCADA-Automation will be supporting COPA-DATA as a partner at the trade fair on the theme of the ‘Smart City’.

Smart Business Solution for Production
Visitors will also find out all about ergonomic and dynamic process solutions for the automotive, energy and infrastructure, food and beverage and pharmaceutical sectors. As part of this, Smart Factory solutions play an important role in production. COPA-DATA will be showing how innovation works in practice: Filling and packaging systems manufacturer, KHS, is already using zenon as a standard. The software controls the production and visually processes the data collected.

At the COPA-DATA booth, the company will be showcasing how the innovative analysis of status data facilitates the predictive maintenance of machines. In terms of wear, for example, the solution is able to identity this early on, meaning that machine maintenance can be scheduled in advance. This will be live demonstrated by KHS at a bottle coating station. The COPA-DATA partners CaderaDesign, KÖHL Maschinenbau, KROPF SOLUTIONS, neogramm and SABO Mobile IT will also be showing visitors how they use zenon in practice.

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#HM17 Switching and control in hazardous areas.

For years electrical switching devices for hazardous areas have been a focus for Pepperl+Fuchs. For Hannover Fair the portfolio for electrical explosion protection was significantly expanded and updated.

Certified switches for panel mounting – many functions selectable
MAC0005903_rgb.jpg_ico500Pepperl+Fuchs delivers a large variety of products with many different types of protection and housing variants for machine control and electrical networks in hazardous areas.

Switches and push buttons for panel mounting
Of particular interest is the comprehensive line of switches, illuminated push buttons and emergency stop buttons. They are all characterized by their low mounting depth. The bayonet catch enables fast and secure installation in any switch panel. All switches are certified Ex e for installation in standard panels in hazardous area locations.

New in hazardous areas: Buzzers and flashing buzzers
Pepperl+Fuchs introduces new buzzers to hazardous locations. The buzzer provides visual and audible indication in the form of a flashing light and a loud audible alarm.

Disconnect- and Safety Switches
This line of switches ensures safe operation of motors and drives in explosion hazardous areas. Pepperl+Fuchs steps up with a completely new model range with protection rating Ex de. The tamper resistant safety switches feature three-way locking. All switches are available as 3, 4 and 6, pole versions with 16, 25, or 40 A in a GRP or stainless steel enclosure.

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#HM17 PI Releases new Process Automation Profile.

In process automation, rapid installation and easy operation of field devices are important user requirements – consistently across manufacturers. The PA Profile for PROFIBUS has already met these requirements for many years, proving itself in practice and gaining broad market acceptance in the area of process automation.

PIAs Industry 4.0 and IIoT continue to advance, Ethernet technology – and with it PROFINET – will become established in process automation. Therefore PI (PROFIBUS & PROFINET International) has developed a profile specification in the form of PA Profile 4.0 that is independent of the communication protocol.

All parameters and functions specified in PA Profile can be used via both PROFINET and PROFIBUS. To simplify the handling of field devices even further, the following options were created: availability of all diagnostics of the NAMUR NE107 specification through the use of Profile GSDs. In addition to the support for standard device parameters from the new version of NE131 that has been announced, the possibility of vendor-neutral device replacement will also be enabled.

The release of PA Profile is anticipated after a successful PI review in the middle of 2017.
Therefore, as part of the path to a fully Ethernet-based solution, PI is implementing another building block in PROFINET. Along with features like Configuration in Run that have already been implemented, or FDI, which was developed in cooperation with the FieldComm Group, PA Profile 4.0 was a missing piece of the puzzle in the Ethernet strategy for the process automation of PI and has now been completed. However, in order to be able to also serve industries like the oil and gas or chemical industries, it is necessary to establish further technical preconditions for Ethernet at the field level.

Longer cable distances, 2-wire technology, power supply via the bus, and intrinsic safety cannot yet be implemented in a standardized way with today’s Ethernet. PI will address these issues first so manufacturers are able to use PROFINET in all areas of process automation.

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#HM17 Baumüller presents networked automation solutions.

Baumüller displayed exhibits in line with the guiding theme of the trade fair “Integrated Industry – Creating Value” at the Hanover Trade Fair from April 24-28, 2017 in hall 14, stand H12. The visitors experienced the added value of Industry 4.0 solutions based on numerous features for smart production: from an integrated system for predictive maintenance to the web-capable visualization for quick commissioning and flexible adaptations in the production process.

Produce flexibly thanks to maximum networking
Baumueller_HM17Two networked material handling and robot systems at the trade fair stand showed how production can be optimized through networking. The palletizing process of the 3-axle material handling system and the welding of the robot occurs in one process. The communication occurs via a Euromap 67 interface. Both systems are complete solutions from Baumüller, from the control software to the drive. Baumüller thus shows how machine modules can be optimally automated for the production process and also flexibly automated depending on the application. The individual modules can easily be combined to form complete machines and systems or also integrated into new or existing systems.

In the system area, the focus was on component developments as well as innovations in software and visualization. Standardized databases, a wide range of field buses and open interfaces are the basis for flexible and efficient communication and networking. With the software modules from Baumüller, mechanical engineers and machine users benefit from pre-programmed comprehensive features, which simplify the commissioning of Baumüller considerably and thus help achieve a faster time-to-market and high level of error security. The modules can easily be incorporated in the programming interface of the respective control unit so that there is not any additional programming work.

Visitors can convince themselves of the intuitive operation of the Baumüller visualization and the advantages of web capability directly at the exhibits. The user can then conveniently access the visualization of the production data on a smartphone or tablet whenever needed.

In the service area, Baumüller offers networking via sensor-based machine monitoring that can be coupled by machinery manufacturers or users with different service models. The condition monitoring system improves the availability of machines and reduces the costs for service and maintenance. This solution is also presented at the trade fair booth as part of the overall package.

With the new generation of box PCs b maXX PCC04, Baumüller is providing a new scalable and versatile control platform to users. The industry PC offers a large amount of interfaces, is expandable and thus enables a flexible machine construction.

Remote maintenance: HMI with Security Software
The networking of man, machine or sensors is increasing in the industrial sector. The innovations promote a highly efficient, intelligent and flexible production. However the thread of cyber criminality is rising with this trend. To protect industrial security, Baumüller offers a secure solution for the remote maintenance of machines and systems with Ubiquity: The Ubiquity runtime environment is pre-installed in all Windows-based HMIs from Baumüller and can be connected with a domain.

With Ubiquity, Baumüller is providing its customers with an ability to communicate for process control and an option for easy and secure remote maintenance. The state of machines can thus be monitored worldwide and quickly responded to in a targeted manner if necessary. This capability of quick and accurate diagnostics and troubleshooting saves time and money. Ubiquity thus increases the productivity and efficiency of machines.

Service 4.0: Digitization Increases Availability
An innovation in the field of service is BAUDIS IoT, the predictive maintenance system with comprehensive possibilities. The networked system consists of a broad overview of sensors, a BAUDIS IoT box and software with big data algorithms. The data is recorded via local sensors on the drive. They record the motor state and can thus report bearing damage, for example. With the Baumüller solution, the recorded data is distributed via the BAUDIS IoT box. The system can be used independently of the manufacturer of the automation components and the sensors and therefore can easily be retrofitted.

BAUDIS IoT, actually used for predictive maintenance, creates far greater added value through big data analysis. In general, machine and system availability in production is thus maximized through planned maintenance measures for all kinds of electric drive systems.

But BAUDIS IoT can do much more than that. The big data analysis used for the servicing can also be used to optimize processes. Since the system provides a warning in cases of need, the monitoring can be used to optimize the rate increases and load limits of the production systems without damaging the systems. The networking of plants and locations to one evaluation unit also allows for comparisons, which is another added benefit. The long-term collection and evaluation of data allows for the drive specialist to detect and implement optimization potential more effectively. The evaluation always occurs with the latest available algorithms. The system is thus continuously made more intelligent and increases productivity through self-regulating processes in order to avoid production errors.

Product Highlights
Using the example of a foil bag machine, which is automated by Baumüller engineering specialists and is equipped with a complete Baumüller system from the control unit to the drive, the automation and drive manufacturer shows how machine modules can be optimally automated for the individual application and easily projected into complete machines and systems.

The servomotor series DSH, which impresses as a derivative of the compact servomotor series DSC with an extremely low detent torque, has been on the market since the end of 2016. In combination with the Baumüller drive technology, the DSH is suitable for applications that require very high precision and optimal control accuracy.

Upgrades in terms of performance and rotational speed in the servo motors DS2 and the high-torque series DST2 will be introduced in the motor portfolio. With one of the broadest offerings of motors on the market, in addition to different high-torque motors Baumüller also offers efficient and scalable servomotors as well as main drives in numerous versions and sizes.

There are also new arrivals in the areas of drive technology. The b maXX 5800 can control up to six axes independently from one another. For example, gantry axes can be controlled within one computer unit. This means that this solution does not require field bus communication between the axes and enables extremely fast communication and response times of 62.5 µs. The dead times of field bus communication as well as following errors are omitted and dynamics and accuracy are increased.

Another product highlight is the intelligent local servo drive b maXX 2500. With the b maXX 2500, Baumüller has combined its proven b maXX 3300 converter series with the robust DSD2, DSC and DSP1 servo motors, thereby creating a compact drive with integrated electronics for the high-end range. The b maXX 2500 offers integrated safety technology and can be flexibly integrated into networked drive structures via a large number of supported fieldbus systems.

Lifecycle management 4.0 worldwide
In addition to developing and manufacturing automation components, Baumüller as a corporate group also covers numerous services for machine and systems construction as well as for machine operators. Starting with the project planning, design and commissioning all the way to maintenance, retrofitting and relocation, Baumüller offers support throughout the entire life cycle of machines and systems.

Mechanical engineers and machine operators at the Hanover Trade Fair had the opportunity to be consulted by service experts from the Baumüller subsidiaries Nürmont and the Baumüller repair facility on such topics as manufacturer-independent repair, servicing, relocation and installation. With over 40 branches worldwide, Baumüller is a globally reliable service partner with decades of local worldwide experience.

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#HM17 Robotics inspiration from elephants, octopuses and the human arm!

Festo has unveiled three new lightweight robotic concepts for handling with pneumatics, working in collaboration with humans.

While the BionicCobot is inspired by the natural movement of the human arm, the BionicMotionRobot is inspired by the way elephant trunks or octopus tentacles move, and the way they wrap around objects was the inspiration behind the OctopusGripper. All three projects show what hazard-free, direct human-robot collaboration could look like in future and are among the future-oriented concepts that Festo’s Bionic Learning Network are showcasing at the Hannover Messe 2017 trade fair.

The strict separation between the tasks of humans and those of robots is now making way for a more collaborative working space. The latest bionic lightweight robots from Festo are ideally suited for safe human-robot collaboration due to their natural movement patterns and their inherently compliant pneumatics. Festo believes that the evolution of these lightweight cobots demonstrates a new, cost-efficient alternative to classic robot concepts for the future.

BionicCobot – a pneumatic lightweight robot with nature-inspired human movements

The movement patterns of the BionicCobot are modelled on those of the human arm, from the shoulder via the upper arm, elbow, radius and ulna down to its gripping hand. Each of its seven joints uses precision-controlled closed loop pneumatics to emulate the natural operating mechanism of the biceps and triceps – the efficient interplay of flexor and extensor muscles. The BionicCobot can thus execute very delicate movements, just like its biological model.

The movements of the BionicCobot can be finely regulated so as to be either powerful and dynamic, or sensitive and yielding; the system therefore avoids endangering humans, even in the case of a collision. This is made possible by the “Festo Motion Terminal”, a new pneumatic automation platform that unites high-precision mechanics, sensors and complex control and measuring technology within a very small space.

Depending on the task to be carried out, the BionicCobot can be fitted with different gripping systems. It is intuitively operated by means of a specially developed graphic user interface: the user can teach the BionicCobot the actions to be performed and parametrise them. The defined work steps can then be transferred by drag-and-drop to a sequencer track for implementation in any desired order. The entire movement sequence is virtually depicted and simultaneously simulated. The interface between the tablet and the Festo Motion Terminal is the ROS (robot operating system) platform, on which the kinematic path planning is calculated.

BionicMotionRobot – a lightweight robot with natural forms of movement

An elephant’s trunk and an octopus’s tentacles can move in a highly flexible way. The BionicMotionRobot effortlessly emulates these fluent movement patterns with its flexible pneumatic bellows structure and corresponding valve and control technology. The concept of inherently flexible kinematics is derived from an earlier Festo Bionic project, the Bionic Handling Assistant from 2010. A new type of outer skin made from a 3D textile knitted fabric now enables the BionicMotionRobot to fully deploy the force potential of the entire kinematic system. The bionic robot arm has a very impressive weight to payload ratio with a loadbearing capacity of almost three kilograms – with around the same net weight.

OctopusGripper – gripping modelled on the octopus’s tentacles

With the OctopusGripper, Festo is presenting a bionic gripper based on the octopus’s tentacles. It consists of a soft silicone structure that can be pneumatically controlled. If compressed air is applied to it, the tentacle bends inwards and can wrap around the object being gripped in a form-fitting and gentle manner. Just as with its natural counterpart, two rows of actively and passively controlled suction cups are arranged on the inside of the silicone tentacle. This enables the OctopusGripper to pick up and hold a large number of differently shaped objects. The flexible gripper has a wide range of possible applications in combination with the BionicMotionRobot and the BionicCobot, and the Festo Motion Terminal controls and regulates both the robot arms and the gripper. Thanks to its soft, inherently flexible structure, the OctopusGripper has great potential for use in collaborative working spaces in the future.

The Bionic Learning Network

Over ten years ago, Festo initiated the Bionic Learning Network, which is closely linked with the processes of innovation within the company. In cooperation with students, renowned universities, institutes and development companies, Festo sponsors projects, testbeds and technology platforms. The objective is to benefit from bionics as a source of inspiration for new technologies and to realise these in industrial automation.

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#HM17 Bridging the OT/IT Gap.

Opto 22 and Dell are exhibiting jointly at the Hannover Messe (24–28 April Hall 8 Stand F31). Products from both companies will be showcased, demonstrating how to integrate and deliver edge computing applications and connect real-world signals and industrial “things” to the digital world of information technology, mobile, and cloud computing.

Delivering Cohesive IIoT Solutions
groov_Logo-RGB-groov.com_x2Converging Operations Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) is a critical stumbling block for many industrial IoT applications. As a Dell IoT Partner Program member, Opto 22 is uniquely positioned in the market to deliver a complementary product solution for connecting real-world electrical devices and signals to Dell’s advanced Edge Gateway line of products. The two companies provide a cohesive solution to bridge the cultural and technology gap between OT and IT.

This combination fuses together an industrially rugged hardware platform, data visualization for mobile and web clients, robust industrial automation protocol support including Modbus/TCP andnOPC UA, and advanced data flow processing through software development environments Node-RED. Combined with the ability to connect multiple data sources including devices, databases, and third-party APIs (application program interfaces), Opto 22 and Dell deliver a single, cohesive, cost-effective, and powerful platform for nearly any IoT or edge computing application.

imgres“We’re excited to exhibit at Hannover Messe with our IoT Solutions Partner, Opto 22, and showcase solutions that provide secure manageability and analytics for edge computing,” said Jason Shepherd, Director of IoT Strategy and Partnerships, Dell. “Working closely with our partners is critical to reducing the fragmentation in the IoT market today.”

Going the Last Mile
Connecting existing industrial assets to IT systems requires translating the electrical signals (voltage and current) in the physical world to the bits and bytes of the digital world. Opto 22, respected worldwide for its 43-year history of product quality and innovation, manufactures the I/O and controllers that translate signals on that “last mile” of the data route.

Designed on open standards and built for harsh industrial environments, Opto 22’s SNAP PAC System integrates hardware and software for industrial Internet of Things, industrial control, remote monitoring, and data acquisition applications. Designed to simplify the typically complex process of understanding, selecting, buying, and applying an automation system, the SNAP PAC System consists of these integrated components:
• SNAP I/O™—analog, digital, and serial I/O modules for wiring directly to field devices, machines, and sensors. Wide variety of signal types; 1 to 32 I/O points per module; most I/O modules are guaranteed for life.
• SNAP PAC brains—intelligent I/O processors for distributed control on Ethernet and serial networks
• SNAP PAC controllers—standalone or rack-mounted industrial controllers with networking options and a RESTful API, or a software-based controller
• PAC Project™ Software Suite—easy-to-use flowchart-based control programming, HMI (human-machine interface) development and runtime, plus optional OPC server, database connectivity software, and software-based controller for PC-based control
• groov—an easy-to-use tool for building and using custom mobile operator interfaces and system dashboards to monitor and control systems and equipment from any web-enabled device.

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#HM17 Delta’s high-calibre solutions for smart manufacturing & energy efficiency. .

Delta’s expanded and strengthened portfolio of state-of-the-art solutions, capable of realizing smart manufacturing and higher energy efficiency in a broad range of applications, will be featured at Hannover Messe 2017 (April 24 to 28).

DELTA_IA-3G_DX-2000_Series_20160729.jpg_ico500Delta will present a live demo of the newly-launched Integrated IIot, Automation and Robot Workstation, featuring 6-axis articulated robot solutions with advanced machine vision system and the new Manufacturing Execution System (MES) linked to a cloud platform as a comprehensive model of Delta’s unique capabilities in integrating state-of-the-art hardware and software for smart manufacturing.

For realizing smart and green buildings, Delta will also demonstrate its Building Management & Control System (BMCS) and the Delta Energy Online platform. The former enables intelligent and complete control of buildings and their respective sub-systems (HVAC, lighting, solar PV systems, etc.) as it is uniquely compatible with protocols commonly used in buildings. The integration of these systems and other energy-saving solutions by Delta enable our company’s own renovated HQs building for the Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) region, to be inaugurated on April 18, 2017, to achieve up to 30% annual energy savings.

Other key highlights from our showcase will also include fast and convenient DC and AC EV chargers supported by our very own Site Management System (SMS), high-efficiency renewable energy solutions and energy storage technology, UPS systems, complete power infrastructure for telecommunications, our newest wireless charging for industrial vehicles, display & monitoring technology, and a wide spectrum of power and thermal management components.

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