#EMREX19 Edge-based Machine Health Monitoring.

Emerson and Arrowhead Systems, have announced that they have partnered to produce a next-generation, machine health monitoring solution which will increase uptime for high-speed palletiser production used in container stacking but is also adaptable for use with other primary products.

emerson-arrowhead-systems-partner-on-next-gen-edge-based-machine-health-monitoring-solution-en-us-5986912The Busse SJI Viper™ High Speed Bulk Palletizer and Alpha Turbo™ High Speed Depalletizer are paired with Emerson’s machine health monitoring to give customers a solution for greater overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) by monitoring, in real-time, critical motion and pneumatic system parameters including air flow, pressure, vacuum, mechanical actuation speeds and motor vibration. System analytics and health information is processed at the edge via a local data historian with both local display or remote monitoring on a tablet or smartphone giving operators an easily accessible tool to monitor health.

“This solution offers the quickest and most scalable way to increase OEE and ultimately increase the overall production efficiency of your plant operations,” said Dana Greenly, director of business development for food and beverage packaging with Emerson’s Automation Solutions business.

The new, edge-based system has the PACSystems CPL410 at its core to bring all sensor data together for accessibility, visualisation and analysis. It is customisable and scalable to adapt to any primary product palletising system or complete packaging line. With real-time monitoring of machine health and diagnostics at the operator’s fingertips, reactive maintenance to machine failures goes away. Predictive maintenance enables planning for potential issues which otherwise negatively affect the OEE of the packaging line.

“Because we have container handling equipment running at some of the highest speeds in the industry, reaching 4000 cans per minute or more, predictive monitoring of machine health is vital to our customers’ success,” said Scott Chehak, general manager, Busse-SJI.

Emerson’s automation technologies help packaging lines gain flexibility by accommodating numerous package sizes and complexities; reduce losses by improving productivity, product quality and waste reduction; and improve operator and product safety without limiting production. Emerson’s expertise helps packaging lines reach their full potential by tackling today’s packaging challenges: flexibility, reliability, contamination and waste, and safety.


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#SPS19 Intelligent devices & digital plants.

Discover how to get to actionable insights to achieve operational excellence all the way through from the process of goods to assembly and packaging

emersonlogoEmerson demonstrated how its intelligent devices, edge controllers and digital plant architectures enable improved plant reliability and availability and comprehensive manufacturing control and production optimization at Smart Production Solutions (SPS), in Nuremberg (Germany) on the 26 – 28 November 2019. SPS is a leading trade fair for electrical automation in Europe.

Manufacturers need to maximize the performance of their plant, increase availability and reduce operational costs to remain competitive. Unexpected downtime, a reduction in production performance and availability, and higher maintenance costs impacts profitability.
With Emerson, end users are able to expand operations and supply chain control — the process manufacturing of goods all the way through to assembly and packaging.

Their experts demonstrate solutions in power supplies for hazardous areas, machinery health monitoring and modern control and machine safety systems. In addition, they will demonstrate solutions for fluid control, pneumatics, measurement and industrial computing.

Emerson has extensive experience in providing machinery health data to support predictive maintenance practices. Discover how the use of standardized communication protocols provides greater access to not only this information, but process and device performance data too, enabling smarter, real-time decision-making.

In addition, our industry experts will be available to explain how Emerson’s complete portfolio of industrial automation solutions, including WirelessHART field devices, the new edge controllers and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications, can help you improve the reliability and availability of your plant to ensure you continue to meet market demands.

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#SPS19 Coils and IC sensors being launched.

LEM’s new ARU range of Rogowski Coils measure current up to 300000 A AC with accuracy class 0.5 according to IEC 61869-10 without the need for additional components are being launched at this years SPS. Their new HMSR series of miniature current sensors are also being launched. They can handle overload current bursts of up to 20 kA such as those that occur in photovoltaics applications while still providing a reinforced isolation

ARU Rogowski coils for easy outdoor installation with Accuracy Class 0.5
coilsThe Rogowski coils range to measure current up to 300,000 A AC with accuracy class 0.5 are being launched by LEM at SPS. The ARU range achieves IEC 61869-10 class 0.5 without the need for additional components such as resistors or potentiometers to calibrate the coil, which can drift over time. The range benefits from ‘Perfect Loop’ technology, a unique patented coil clasp that eliminates the inaccuracy caused by sensitivity to the position of the conductor inside the loop. This technology provides an innovative, robust and fast ‘Twist and Click’ closure.

Compared with the previous LEM Rogowski coils ART, the ARU range can be installed outdoors as the models are compliant with UV, water, dust and ice resistance standards. The range has also ruggedized material to be durable in extreme environments (wide operating temperature range up to -40 to +80oC). Moreover, an internal shield is provided to protect against external fields, improving accuracy and optimising performance for small current measurements.

The ARU series provides the same ease of installation as existing split-core current transformers, but with the benefits of being thinner and more flexible.

Whatever the chosen dimension – 70, 125, 175, 250 & 300-mm diameter for the aperture – the ARU can be mounted very quickly by simply clipping on to the cable to be measured. Contact with the cable is not necessary, while the ARU models ensure a high level of safety as well as provide a high rated insulation voltage (1000 V Cat III PD2 – reinforced).

The ARU range allows the coil disconnection to be detected by a security seal passed through a specially designed slot, making it useful when used with a metering device. They can be used in applications requiring a protection degree up to IP 68.

The models include an accuracy class 0.5 and complete the LEM product portfolio for the AC current measurement. LEM is dedicated to future distribution network applications and offers innovative and high-quality solutions for measuring electrical parameters into the Smart Grid.

The Smart Grid is in the middle of a radical transition, as millions of electric vehicles hit the roads and Terawatts of renewable energy capacity are installed in our grids. Smarter equipment is needed for the Smart Grid, providing reliable integration of intermittent renewable energies and distributed energy resources. LEM improves the grid by measuring electrical parameters, allowing control rooms to automate, monitor remotely and share real-time equipment data. Typical applications are Distribution Automation for Fault Detection, Isolation & Restoration, Grid Monitoring (e.g. Intelligent substations), Protection & Safety, Distribution Transformer Monitoring, Distribution Automation for Voltage Control and Power Quality.

The ARU series current sensors are CE marked and conformed to the IEC 61869 standard series, as well as being covered by LEM’s five-year warranty.

Surface mounted high isolated current sensors range with an included current conductor
LEM has expanded its range of miniature, integrated circuit sensors range for AC and DC isolated-current measurement with the introduction of the HMSR series. Despite their small size, the components can handle overload current bursts of up to 20 kA (8-20 us surge test profile), such as those that occur in photovoltaics applications while still providing a reinforced isolation. Products in the series are designed to measure currents of up to 2.5 times their nominal ratings of 6 A, 8 A, 10 A, 15 A, 20 A or 30 A.

sensorPackaged as SO16 surface-mount devices with a height of just 6 mm, the sensors can be mounted directly onto a printed circuit board in the same process as other board-level components. This helps to reduce manufacturing costs and decrease the overall footprint, vital for space-constrained applications. As a result, HMSR sensors can be readily built into small form-factor intelligent power modules (IPMs).

The HMSR series uses a proprietary Open Loop Hall effect ASIC associated with a unique low-resistance primary conductor to minimise power losses allowing direct current measurement and high transient overload currents to pass without damage. The use of a ferrite for the magnetic element is a key factor in achieving a high frequency bandwidth of 270 kHz (-3dB) and to provide good rejection against external fields. The unique mechanical design for the sensor leads to creepage and clearance distances of 8 mm using materials with comparative tracking index (CTI) of 600, the whole to meet reinforced isolation according to the IEC 60950-1 standard.

An integrated EEPROM is used for programmable internal temperature compensation to counter offset and gain drifts and perform gain stress compensation. These measures ensure high-performance overall accuracy over the full range of temperature, from -40 to +125°C with a typical value of 0.5 % of IPN for the HMSR 20-SMS model, a significant improvement over the previous generation. The HMSR series achieves a shorter response time: 2 µs typical.

The output signal from the sensor is an analogue voltage. The sensitivity levels are determined by the models. For the 5V power-supply versions, the output voltage is of 800 mV @ IPN. As standard, devices in the HMSR range provide two different over-current detection (OCD) warning levels on 2 dedicated pins: one threshold is set during manufacturing at 2.93 x IPN; the other can be adjusted by the user using external resistors.

The HMSR is ideal for demanding applications such as photovoltaics, which require high insulation levels together with stringent controls on price and product size. Similarly, the small size benefits applications such as drives for white-goods, window shutters and air-conditioning systems. The HMSR’s ability to support high frequency currents thanks to the use of a ferrite as magnetic circuit with low losses suits drives that operate with higher switching frequencies.

Additionally, the low cost of the HMSR series makes the device competitive against shunts with the added benefits of high insulation and OCD features.
The HMSR series conform to the latest industrial standards and devices are covered by LEM’s five-year warranty.

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#SPS19 Intelligent automation solutions for the digital future.

Baumüller will be presenting numerous new products at SPS. In hall 1, stand 560, Baumüller will be displaying clever motor concepts, intelligent drive functions and powerful control platforms on various stations. The connectivity and interoperability of components via OPC UA and cloud connectivity will be presented in the Industry 4.0 area.


Baumüller components extended to include IoT connectivity
Baumüller is extending its components to include further, extensive IoT functions. This makes it easy to network and control of machines and machine modules through to individual automation components. With the new IoT functions, data can be collected, preprocessed and output directly at other terminal devices or on the cloud. They make extensive and complex data analyses possible, in order to enable Industry 4.0 applications, such as predictive maintenance. At the same time, new business models, such as “x per use” can be achieved.

Individual parameterization for the analysis of data through to creation of their own dashboards by users can be undertaken directly on the component. The available MQTT module allows data to be read in from different clouds; regardless of the respective cloud provider. It also includes an OPC UA module, which ensures interoperability at machine level.

With Node-Red, the components have a graphic parameterizing interface (flow based), so that data can be analyzed, further processed and visualized directly at the machine.

Data from different manufacturers’ devices can be processed. Data from Baumüller products, for example, of a b maXX converter, can be output in parallel to the fieldbus via the internal protocol and thus via the service interface. Due to the enhanced functions, the connectivity of Baumüller devices, such as the b maXX PCC04, with other automation components can be established via OPC UA.

New generation of the b maXX 5300 module systems – higher security functions, greater flexibility
The b maXX 5000 converter family has convincingly high-performance power units, flexible expandability and an integrated communication concept. With the new edition of the b maXX 5300, Baumüller is revising its module systems and is making them even more powerful and flexible for customer use. Thanks to numerous hardware and software options, in future, customer and application requirements can be met with even more granular solutions. For example, the number of secure I/Os can be adjusted to the respective requirements of the application.

In addition, new security functions are integrated in the b maXX 5300, such as transfer of the secure position via FSoE to a high-level safety control. With this function, secure space monitoring and secure collaboration between several axes can be implemented, for example, in robotics applications.

Higher accuracy with regard to encoder resolutions is possible with the new devices. Thus, used with security technology with a single resolver, the device has a speed resolution of less than 1 rpm. This high position and speed accuracy is particularly important for highly dynamic applications, for example, for textile machines or handling systems.

A further advantage is the faster response time to events: For example, on triggering the STO security function, the controller is switched without torque with a delay of less than 1 ms.

In addition, the ETG standard for FSoE communication is implemented with the new generation of the module systems. This means that the b maXX converters can also be easily linked to higher-level safety controls of other manufacturers.

Intelligence in the drive
The intelligent converters of the Baumüller b maXX 5000 product family with integrated softdrivePLC enable data analyses directly in the drive. In this way, logic operations cannot only be parameterized, but also be programmed. An example: If the control circuits vibrate due to resonant frequencies, this vibration can be minimized with the help of a more dynamic setting and productivity is increased.

Vibrations in the mechanics can also be filtered out with the intelligent b maXX converters.

Numerous controller functions are integrated in the b maXX 5000 series, to make the system even more efficient and intelligent. Functions such as transmission protection, adaptation of the controller parameters, error reactions or monitoring the thermal pump load via a temperature model ensure lower service costs, shorter standstill times and lower system costs.

Numerous features: The new servo pump software version V2+
The adaptive pressure precontrol is a significant improvement of the software modules of the control function in the new servo pump software version V2+. The intelligent control algorithm adjusts adaptively to different pressure rise rates; this means that the parameterization only has to be set once and is then automatically regulated. The software enables an overshoot-free pressure jump in minimum time, thus ensuring an optimized process sequence. Since the corresponding parameters adjust automatically with a standard cycle of 125 μs during the production process, the adaptive control eliminates or greatly reduces pressure overshoots. The required pressure value therefore sets in fully automatically with controlled transition.

The experts at Baumüller have enhanced the new software version V2+ of the servo pump to include several protection functions, so that wear of highly loaded parts of the servo pump does not influence the quality of the end products and also the load on the machine components is reduced. For example, by default, the pump load is monitored within highly loaded pressure maintenance mode. If the temperature model indicates a thermal overload, the bypass valves open automatically to remove the overheated oil. The servo pump is cooled until it has returned to normal temperature. A further positive aspect of the monitoring concerns the leakage characteristic. In the new version, this can be additionally recorded and compared with reference data. This makes diagnosis easier and wear or necessary replacement of the valves and seals can be detected faster.

New power supply units for high performances
The converter series b maXX 5000 includes feed-in and regenerative units as well as drive units, which can be quickly and easily combined by an integrated drive connect system. This allows the machine builder to benefit from low installation costs and short commissioning and service times. The converters are available for air, water and oil cooling methods and, thanks to their high power density, they require a very small installation space. The power supply units have now been expanded to include peak output of up to 300 kW. This is ideal, for example, for dynamic movements, such as opening and closing the injection mold or for the forming process in servopresses, where high peak power outputs are required at short notice. With a peak current of 420 A, the large axes are ideally suited for maximum dynamic performance.

Engineering 4.0: Faster time-to-market with the new ProSimulation software
Virtual configuration and testing of automation systems: The newly developed ProSimulation software provides customers with a platform for getting started with the world of simulation quickly. The new tool simplifies the virtual design, optimization and commissioning of machines and systems.

Depending on customers’ levels of experience, they can quickly set up their own simulations and applications using the basic library or import existing software models due to to open interfaces. The advantages of ProSimulation include time and cost savings in the development and commissioning of new machines and systems as well as the optimization of existing machines. In addition, the company can build up urgently needed simulation expertise for the future, thus building competence in the areas of Industry 4.0 and digital twins. ProSimulation expands the functional range of the ProDrive software, which allows quick and easy commissioning, parameterization and operation of the b maXX converter family.

ProSimulation permits virtual parameterization to optimize machine behavior. Real added value for the industry, because due to ever shorter development cycles in mechanical engineering, innovations can be tested within the shortest possible time, including offline. This means forward-looking positioning for optimum development.

Greater performance: compact water-cooled servomotors
Baumüller is expanding its range of servomotors to include the water-cooled models in sizes 45 and 56. With their space-saving installation and very high power density, the small models really come into their own with their water-cooling benefits. This enables motors installed in very tight spaces to be used at high power ratings. For the machine manufacturer, this means optimal mechanical properties, lower costs and better efficiency.

In addition to the cost savings, the small water-cooled models also offer further advantages when it comes to installation space: The outer dimensions of the housing family are the same as an uncooled version; however, it offers significantly more performance. It therefore combines the advantage of maximum cooling with minimum motor dimensions. Another advantage offered by heat dissipation through the cooling medium of water is that the motors can be placed next to one another even when installed in tight spaces without causing each other to heat up.

Baumüller completes its series with water cooling of size 45 and 56 servomotors, and is thus the only manufacturer to also offer smaller sized servomotors with all cooling methods.

Global life cycle management
In addition to the development and manufacture of automation components, Baumüller as a group of companies provides numerous services for mechanical and plant engineering and for machine operators. From project planning, design and engineering through assembly and commissioning, service to maintenance, retrofitting and relocation, Baumüller offers support over the entire life cycle of machines and systems. Within its smart services, Baumüller offers consultation and services for remote maintenance, diagnostics and networked production. With its subsidiaries Baumüller Reparaturwerk and Baumüller Anlagen-Systemtechnik, Baumüller also contributes its long-term experience in service, monitoring and optimizing automation & drive systems.

With more than 40 branches worldwide, Baumüller is a reliable service partner with global network and decades of local experience, and is therefore extremely familiar with the respective national and regional circumstances.

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#SPS19 Sensor-to-cloud platform

iCOMOX is taking centre stage at SPS Drives 2019 in Nuremberg (hall 4A, stand 400). This end-to-end solution is proving a hit with more than 4,000 units of iCOMOX sold to date. The product is a smart predictive-maintenance solution that can boost industrial productivity and enhance safety.

iComexSPS19iCOMOX is very fast to deploy. It comes ready to use with embedded software and on-board time-domain, as well as FFT analytics for condition-based maintenance (CBM) of industrial assets such as machinery, production lines and structures. CE and FCC certified, iCOMOX is housed in a compact and rugged IP66-rated enclosure. A selection of adapters is provided to facilitate attachment to various types of equipment.

From solution developers to system integrators, just about everybody can benefit from the iCOMOX solution. The product benefits from a rich selection of five high-quality sensors for vibration, magnetic-field, temperature and acoustic monitoring. User-configurable sensor interrupts give flexibility to activate the system on detection of specific events and thresholds.

Built-in sensors include the Analog Devices ADXL356 3-axis accelerometer, which enables low-noise, low-power vibration sensing; a second ultra-low-power, low-g ADXL362 accelerometer is also fitted to iCOMOX. It further boasts an Analog Devices 16-bit ADT7410 temperature sensor and a Bosch BMM150 magnetic field sensor. An Infineon IM69D130 MEMS microphone, which has high dynamic range, low distortion, and flat frequency response ideal for diagnostics applications, complete the solution’s wide sensing capabilities.

At the heart of the system is an Analog Devices ADuCM4050 Arm®-based application processor. iCOMOX operates from up to two CR2477 coin batteries for an extended operating lifetime and makes the most of ADuCM4050 features, including its power-saving SensorStrobe™ technology.

An Analog Devices LTC5800-IPM 2.4GHz, IEEE 802.15.4e communication SoC allows flexible communication modes leveraging SmartMesh™ IP for optimum range and reliability in tough industrial environments. An optional SmartMesh IP gateway is available to connect iCOMOX to the cloud, delivering enhanced cloud applications and advanced analytics.

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#SPS19: Expanded automation portfolio and conditioning.

The user-friendly gateway for WEG Motor Scan simplifies predictive maintenance for electric motors.
Range of applications expanded with newly launched automation solutions.

WEG is presenting a new gateway for WEG Motor Scan as a highlight at SPS 2019 (Stand 466 in Hall 3A). The condition monitoring solution presented last year as a retrofit option enables real-time monitoring of WEG electric motors for predictive maintenance purposes. The collected data can now be transferred to a secure cloud using gateway technology, in addition to the previous option of using a smart device app with Bluetooth. Users can access the data in the cloud through the app or the WEG IoT Platform web portal. This enables detailed analysis of the monitored motors. Additional highlights include the updated CFW500 and MW500 variable speed drives.

Gateway technology for WEG Motor Scan


Gateway for WEG Motor Scan

WEG Motor Scan is an easy and cost-effective solution for predictive maintenance measures that lead to extended service life and higher plant availability. The gateway, with features highly desired by users, was already in the pipeline when WEG Motor Scan was announced. The gateway enables users to automatically collect data from WEG Motor Scan sensors, eliminating the intermediate step with the mobile app. The gateway complements the existing mobile app and acts as a router that captures all installed sensors within a range of approximately 30 metres in an industrial environment. Integration of WEG Motor Scan with the gateway creates clear added value through enhanced ease of use and automation. The gateway, consisting of firmware and hardware, will be available from October 2019.

CFW500 family features higher protection rating and new frame size
There are some innovations in the CFW family of variable speed drives: The new CFW500 IP66 in frame sizes A and B covers motor power ratings from 250 W to 15 kW. These variable speed drives can operate over a wide voltage range of 200 to 240 V, 380 to 485 V or 500 to 600 V, and they can be deployed at ambient temperatures from -10°C to +40°C. Their great sturdiness and high protection rating make them a good choice for demanding manufacturing environments.


CFW500 IP66 drive.

Furthermore, the CFW500 range is extended to frame size F with a rated power range up to 55 kW. The new CFW500 operates in the voltage range of 380 to 480 V, opening new deployment options for users in the higher power range for a large number of industrial applications – in particular general mechanical engineering for conveying, turning, lifting, pumping and ventilation. The new power class extends the main deployment areas of the CFW500 in small and micro applications. Integrated Safe Torque Off (STO) and Safe Stop 1 (SS1) safety functions give mechanical engineers an economical and flexible solution for reducing risks arising from unexpected and unforeseen events. This includes prevention of unintentional machine starts, emergency shutdowns, and controlled stops. Another integrated function is PumpGenius for pump control, which enables precise pressure and/or flow control during the entire process cycle. With a convenient programming wizard, PumpGenius helps to minimize downtime.

MW500 decentralised variable speed drive for low power levels
The MW500 variable speed drive, designed for decentralised deployment, has also been updated. It is now available for lower power levels in the range of 370 W to 2.2 kW and is being launched for 380 to 400 V mains voltage in frame sizes A and B. A sturdy housing design with protection rating IP66 or NEMA 4X allows the variable speed drives to be mounted directly on the motor terminal box or on the wall using an adapter plate. This eliminates the need for a motor feed cable and switch cabinet, reducing complexity and costs for installation and commissioning. The MW500 can handle a 150% overload for 60 seconds every 10 minutes and can operate at ambient temperatures up to 40°C with wall mounting or 50°C with motor mounting. Designed for decentralised deployment, these variable speed drives can be used for a broad range of applications, such as pumps or fans.

SSW900 soft starter range extended to frame size E
WEG has also expanded its SSW900 series of soft starters. The series was previously available in frame sizes A to D, covering the output current range from 10 A to 412 A in the wide voltage range of 220 to 575 V AC 3-phase. Now frame size E is also available for output currents from 489 to 670 A. As high-performance top-end devices with integrated PLC functionality, they provide fully programmable algorithms for regulating induction motors as well as fully flexible torque control. Thanks to soft starting and integrated protection functions, the SSW900 ensures energy-efficient and reliable operation of electric motors. SSW900 is particularly suitable for sectors such as petrochemical, mining, textile, woodworking, plastic processing, metalworking, water/wastewater management, and food & beverage.

New contactors
The newly developed CWBS series of contactors for safety applications from 9 A to 80 A conforms to the IEC 60947-5-1 standard regarding mechanically linked contacts and mirror contacts (IEC/EN 60947-4-1). Additionally, WEG is introducing the new CWB125 contactor of the CWB series. It is suitable for a rated operating power of 55 kW (AC-3/400 V) and a rated operating current of 125 A. The modular, user-friendly design enables easy installation and flexible application.

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#SPS19 Connectivity in process.

Softing Industrial Data Networks will show smart gateways for multi-protocol process control and a mobile plug & play solution for configuration and maintenance of field devices at the trade show  (November 26 to 28, 2019 Hall 5, Booth 346).

PM_smart_industry_cmyk_300dpi_093019.jpg_ico500With smart gateways and mobile enterprise solutions, Softing Industrial Data Networks presents itself at the SPS 2019 trade show in Nuremberg as a partner for the process industry on its way to digitalization.

In many process plants control systems of different manufacturers and different generations are in operation due to long running times. The resulting different communication interfaces make it difficult to exchange production and plant data across systems when implementing industry 4.0 applications. Softing’s smartGate product family supports users in integrating disparate protocols, ensures end-to-end digital data exchange and thus creates the prerequisites for greater efficiency and flexibility in production.



In addition to the pnGates for PROFINET and the mbGates for Modbus/TCP, Softing will present the new Ethernet/IP to PROFIBUS gateways epGate DP, epGate PA and epGate PB at the fair. This completes the smartGate product family which now supports all Ethernet protocols relevant to the process industry: PROFINET, Ethernet/IP and Modbus/TCP. The epGates enable the convenient connection of PROFIBUS devices to Ethernet/IP controllers, e.g. from Rockwell, Schneider Electric or Emerson.


There is also news for the Modbus/TCP to PROFIBUS gateways. At the fair, version 1.20 of mbGate DP, mbGate PA and mbGate PB will be on display, which has been extended by the “High Availibility” option. It allows the operation of a redundant system with two Modbus/TCP controllers and two Modbus/TCP gateways. In this way, system availability is ensured even in the event of a connection failure. The mbGates enable the direct integration of PROFIBUS PA and DP segments into Modbus/TCP systems. They act as Modbus server and PROFIBUS master and connect up to four PROFIBUS PA segments as well as one DP segment with Modbus TCP.

All gateways allow use of the existing power supply in technology upgrade projects, which significantly reduces engineering costs. Configuration and asset management can be carried out using industry-standard tools.



Modern process plants require digital, mobile, networked and standardized solutions that make data from plants, machines and field devices easily accessible and streamline maintenance procedures for configuring, commissioning and troubleshooting the devices. This is where Softing’s mobile interface mobiLink comes in. It provides access to the three most important communication protocols in process automation – HART, FOUNDATION Fieldbus and Profibus PA – via a single interface. The connection to the mobile device can be made via USB or Bluetooth. With the newly available FDI Communication Server it is now possible to use mobiLink with FDI applications. The DevCom app for Android or Windows adds an application for device parameterization to the offering. A new version – mobiLink Power – will be available at the beginning of 2020. This will allow field devices to be supplied with power, which is obtained via the USB port. An external power supply for the field devices is no longer necessary.

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#SPS19 Fresh drive for solutions.

Complete drive solutions, including for the growing demand for collaborative robots and automated guided vehicles will be the theme of Kollmorgan at this years SPS in Nuremberg. The AKM2G-series servo motors are expanded for applications in the low-voltage sector. They will also show the second-generation functional safety technology in the AKD2G series servo inverters.

2 Kollmorgen_AKD2G_Servo_Drive“Fast Forward to the Future” is the trade fair motto of the company during SPS (Hall 3, stand 250). For the second generation of servo motors, the control arm is at full throttle. The high power density with greater torque per engine size opens up new ways to construct machinery as a smaller overall size is often sufficient to handle the AKM2G. Above all, compact applications with a high functional density benifit most from this feature, for example, in the design of collaborative robot kinematics and automated guided vehicles (AGV).

The new safety functions within the second generation of drive control systems also have what it takes to make factory automation smarter. Under the heading of Safe Motion, the new AKD2G series servo drives are available with a range of solutions that make it possible to simply integrate even complex safety functions using intelligent engineering. Secure encoders, connection with just one cable, and the loss of additional I/O modules open up more free space and buy time in the installation. They will be demonstrating how such solutions could look in reality with real exhibits in action.


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#SPS19 Industrial Ethernet portfolio.

Drawing on a decades-long heritage of expertise in analogue, mixed-signal and digital semiconductor technology, Analog Devices (ADI) will launch an industry-first portfolio of Industrial Ethernet solutions at SPS 2019 (26-28/11/2019) to address communication challenges within Industry 4.0, Smart Factories, and the digital transformation.

ADIEthernetPortThis new portfolio will encompass a range of innovative Industrial Ethernet technologies for building robust, scalable Ethernet connectivity solutions that advance the state-of-the-art in edge connectivity, data integration, synchronization, and system interoperability. Designed both for today’s industrial networks and tomorrow’s TSN-based systems, this portfolio will provide the flexibility, scalability and speeds to support virtually any topology and network architecture in the factory.

Visitors to the ADI booth, Hall 5, Stand 129, at SPS will learn more about these technologies, showcased in interactive demonstrations that illustrate the value of ADI deployments in various industrial use cases.

Forum presentation:
The Future of TSN in Industrial Networks
Analog Devices will participate in the Exhibitor Forum series of presentations at SPS 2019. At 14:00 on 26 November, ADI’s Tom Weingartner and Jordon Woods will be speaking on the topic of “The Future of TSN in Industrial Networks”.
The Forum is located in Hall 3.

The first demonstration illustrates the deployment of Ethernet using one of today’s industrial protocols in a time critical synchronized motion application, enhancing production quality and efficiency. A second demonstration shows how the same functionality can be achieved using TSN to carry both standard Ethernet traffic and time-critical traffic in a converged network, enabling seamless factory upgrades and flexible manufacturing.

The third demonstration is focused on ADI’s leadership role in enabling Ethernet to the Field and shows the new IEEE P802.3cg/10BASE-T1L physical layer standard communicating over 1km of single twisted pair cable, enabling Ethernet connectivity to various field instruments with a combination of industrial Ethernet protocols running simultaneously, resulting in digitization of process measurements and control.

Additional demonstrations showing interoperability of ADI solutions can be seen at PROFINET International (Hall 5, Stand 210) and ODVA (Hall 5, Stand 128).

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#EMREX19 Advanced industrial wireless network solution.

Emerson is partnering with Cisco to introduce a next-generation industrial wireless networking solution that fundamentally transforms data management to improve plant productivity, reliability and safety. The new Emerson Wireless 1410S Gateway with the Cisco Catalyst® IW6300 Heavy Duty Series Access Point combines the latest in wireless technology with advanced WirelessHART® sensor technology, delivering reliable and highly secure data, even in the harshest industrial environments.

NextGenAPInstalledTo help enable new digital transformation strategies, this industrial networking solution combines Emerson’s expertise in industrial automation and applications with Cisco’s innovations in networking, cybersecurity and IT infrastructure. Driven by the demand for greater productivity, lower maintenance costs and improved worker safety, industrial manufacturers are accelerating investment in robust IoT sensor networks combined with scalable operational analytics tools to improve organisational collaboration and decision-making. In these environments, network performance and security are critical for success.

“A secure connection that scales easily is the foundation for every successful IoT deployment.” said Liz Centoni, senior vice president and general manager, IoT at Cisco. “By using the power of the intent-based network, Cisco provides a secure, automated, rock solid infrastructure helping IT and operational teams work together to reduce complexity and improve safety.”

This next-gen wireless access point provides enhanced wi-fi bandwidth necessary for real-time safety monitoring, including Emerson’s Location Awareness and wireless video. These applications enhance personnel safety practices, improve plant security and help ensure environmental compliance. A reliable and fast connection between devices and people streamlines decision-making by providing real-time analytics. It also enables a mobile workforce to virtually come together, collaborate and resolve critical issues in a timely manner.


Bob Karschnia

“Products installed in industrial plants need to last for years, even decades,” said Bob Karschnia, vice president of wireless at Emerson. “This kind of longevity was a critical design and engineering requirement to ensure this new wireless access point was future-proofed to meet a rapidly evolving technology landscape.”

Industrial environments remain some of the most challenging and hazardous environments in the world, requiring a scalable, resilient and flexible wi-fi solution that can withstand extreme conditions in remote locations while helping ensure the safety of workers on site. The new wireless access point supports mobile applications that offer instant access to process control data, maintenance information and operation procedures, enabling improved plant productivity and worker safety.


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#EMREX19 Supplier partners chosen for outstanding performance, innovation and collaboration

Emerson’s AVENTICS GmbH recently received the Bosch Global Supplier Award in the category “Purchasing of indirect materials” and thus ranks globally among the best suppliers of Bosch, a leading global supplier of technology and services. Only 47 companies were recognized from a base of 43,000 suppliers.

aventic-updated-iiot-productBosch has been presenting these awards every two years to honor supplier excellence since 1987. Suppliers are selected for outstanding performance in the manufacture and supply of products or services – notably for partnership in addressing concerns around quality, costs, innovation and logistics. This year’s award ceremony, whose theme was “Transforming Together. Staying Ahead,” was held in Blaichach, Germany.

“With the Bosch Global Supplier Award, we pay tribute to our best suppliers around the world. The award-winners have achieved outstanding levels of excellence, and work with us in an exceptional spirit of partnership. From technological expertise to logistical quality and entrepreneurial potential – our award-winners have it all,” said Andreas Reutter, head of supply chain management at Robert Bosch GmbH.

“We are very proud of this award. It confirms that the technical expertise provided by AVENTICS pneumatics engineers and customer support provides a dependable foundation for credible partnership, facilitating innovation and customer success.,” added Dr. Peter Saffe, Vice President Marketing Machine Automation at Emerson.

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