#SPS14 Delta Electronics offering HMI & Control.

A cost-effective and reliable HMI featuring a high-quality display and more realistic images!

Delta Electronics has released the DOP-W Series HMI, which offers sizes of up to 15”. This high quality TFT display produces more realistic and vivid images to capture and visualize system and manufacturing processes faster. Its high-brightness touch screen provides a high resolution of 1024 x 728 pixels (XGA) and a luminance of 450 cd/m2.DOP-w

Rugged design
Its rugged and lightweight aluminum enclosure protects from vibration and changing ambient temperatures. It also features an IP65 waterproof front panel for harsh environments, and its operating temperature range is 0-50oC. This high-reliability display has a touch screen percussion life of at least 10,000,000 times and a backlight life of up to 80,000 hours.

Advanced features
The DOP-W Series integrates very useful remote monitoring functions, such is as eRemote, which enables users to view and monitor the same screen shown on the HMI at the production site and control the manufacturing process via Ethernet. Additionally, eServer, the data collection software, allows the transferring of information and history data directly from the production site to a remote PC via Ethernet.The built-in 1.5W front panel stereo speakers transmit more effective alerts and warnings.The DOP-W Series supports WinCE, and it also offers a Delta operating system which is free of charge and can manage all customer applications. The DOP-W also features abundant peripheral interfaces: it supports 2 COM ports, 2 Ethernet Ports, 3 USB Host 2.0, and SD cards.Thanks to its high-speed processing 1 GHz CPU and its large-capacity Flash ROM 256MB, it is adapted for a wide range of industrial sectors, such as factory automation, process, transport, and energy.

Cost effective controller with high reliability, integrated network communication capability, and motion control functions for advanced automation solutionsMH-1

Cost effective controller with high reliability, integrated network communication capability, and motion control functions for advanced automation solutions Delta´s PAC MH-1 Series feature a perfect integration of motion control and logic programming control. It enables better synchronization with EtherCAT and DMCNET communication. These communication interfaces offer high response and high precision control, and are ideal for high-performance multi-axis motion control.The EtherCAT master port allows for up to 4 kHz of synchronous cycle time for multi-axis control and automation (up to 64 axes of control); the built-in DMCNET master enables a 12 multi-axis motion control. It connects a maximum of 100 units of EtherCAT slave modules or 24 units of DMCNET slave modules. Linear, arc, helical and high-speed continuous interpolation can easily be implemented.

Advanced software solutions
The MH-1 Series is perfectly suited for many different types of machines: laser engraving, frame cutting, robot arms, five- axis CNC machine tools, EDM, waterjet cutting, injection and woodworking. This controller differentiates itself from the competition thanks to integrated advanced application specific APIs which dramatically ease the implementation process. For example, the MH-1 Series include CNC control functions as well as robot and control and IEC61131 PLC functions. Its versatile software platform offers a perfect integration of motion control, logic programming control and human machine interface.EtherCAT automation Software, EcNAVI, enables the configuration of an EtherCAT network that includes an EtherCAT master controller and slave devices for data communication, functional identification, programming, and debugging.

Rugged, flexible and performing hardware
The MH-1 Series feature a 1.2 GHz to 2.7 GHz Dual-code processor. Operating temperature range is 0ºC to 50ºC. Its cable-less and fan-less design increases reliability and reduce power consumption. It also features stable storage: easy installation of a large capacity SATA hard disk for easy maintenance and data management. The MH-1 Series offers multiple communication interfaces, such as built-in USB and CFast Card slots, 1 COM port, 2 giga Ethernet and 2 DMCNET communication ports for fast and convenient data transmission. In addition, it includes extension interfaces: two PCI or 1one PCIe extension slots for more flexible operation.

Comprehensive advanced motion control solutions
The MH1 Series can be integrated with Delta´s automation system solutions like the servo system ASDA Series and ECMA Series servo motors, which feature incremental encoders with 20-bit resolution (1,280.000 points per revolution) encoders, ECML Series linear motors, as well Delta HMIs or sensors.Delta´s ASDA Series servo system provides an ideal solution for multi-axis motion control applications in various automated industries. It offers high responsiveness – setting time is below 1 ms and the acceleration time is only 7 ms for speeds from -3000 rpm to 3000 rpm with an empty load! (Test record is of a 400 W motor with 60 mm frame size). Controlled by MH1 and ASDA Series, Delta´s ECML series ironless linear motors are backlash free and offer high precision, high-rigidity and high response.Current drive systems in the market are a complex system that includes many different components coming from different suppliers. Delta´s global solution enables to establish a simpler system featuring simple wiring, quick installation, fast communication, superior performance and less integration effort.

Stand 3-350
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