#SPS11 Green automation initiative

Industrial communication technology facilitates plant-wide energy management within automation systems.

HMS Industrial Networks presented a number of solutions targeting energy management in automation systems. Recent research from the AIDA group of German automobile manufacturers (Audi, BMW, Daimler, Porsche, VW) and the Profibus User Organization shows that industrial networks play a major role in the implementation of control strategies for energy optimization on the plant floor.

Embedded modules with energy profile support

As one of the leading manufacturers of industrial networking solutions, HMS has already introduced PROFIenergy-conformant Anybus embedded communication modules. Support for further energy management profiles will follow as soon as they become stable and widely accepted.

Gateways enable instant energy control

HMS has identified that it may take some time until the latest energy management standards will be used plant-wide. In the meantime, HMS offers a wide range of solutions mainly targeted at system integrators and end users. These solutions enable the integration of standard automation equipment into modern fieldbus or industrial Ethernet communication systems, increasing the level of automation, system efficiency and energy management.

With the Anybus Communicator series of intelligent protocol converters, system integrators and end users are able to integrate existing automation equipment via standard serial RS-232 or Modbus-RTU interfaces into modern industrial fieldbus or Ethernet networks. Anybus X-gateways provide the same values interconnecting different networks. Both gateway families enable a transparent flow of information throughout the entire plant including the ability to switch off automation equipment during production breaks and standstill periods in a synchronized manner, adding to the total energy management and plant efficiency. A good example is the integration of standard circuit breakers — that are typically not network-enabled — into modern industrial networks.

Remote management adds further green effects

Their Netbiter solution for M2M remote management allows users to get an overview of their applications’ energy consumption. The innovative Netbiter product line was recently awarded the Swedish E-prize 2011 within an application created by Jeff Electronics. The E-prize is awarded to companies that combine energy, efficiency and economics to reduce cost, minimize the environmental effect and also increase competitiveness.

“Our green automation initiative will help businesses save energy and reduce their carbon footprint, while improving productivity and profits” commented Staffan Dahlström, CEO at HMS Industrial Networks AB.

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