#Autofair Partner Product Highlights!

In the accompaning exhibition area many of Rockwell’s partner companys demonstrated their products and technologies.

AMCI Advanced Micro Controls — Heavy-Duty EtherNet/IP Resolvers
AMCI has released the NR25 series of heavy-duty EtherNet/IP resolvers. Compatible with all Allen-Bradley PLCs that support EtherNet/IP, these networked rotary sensors provide an overall measuring range of 16 bits (single-turn resolution) plus 14 bits (number of revolutions), or 30 bits total. With both single-turn and multi-turn versions available, AMCI’s EtherNet/IP resolvers are ready for any application.

ASD Inc. — Continuous Process Analysis with QualitySpec® 7000
Optimize your process and decrease costs by analyzing your material properties with the QualitySpec® 7000 over-the-conveyor process spectrometer. The QualitySpec 7000 analyzer is designed for rapid, precise, non-destructive and non-contact measurement for continuous analysis of materials, including solids, powders and blended materials, as it is being conveyed. Employing state-of-the-art near-infrared (NIR) technology, the QualitySpec 7000 supplies real-time, simultaneous measurement of multiple constituents, and collects qualitative or quantitative data. The system easily integrates into your process. All data is communicated via high-speed Ethernet/IP and is easily accessible over an OPC server, simplifying data integration. By providing several measurements from a single point, the QualitySpec 7000 rapidly yields valuable information to help make real-time decisions about the process as materials change.

EPLAN Software & Services — Electrical Design Software
EPLAN provides data-driven controls hardware design software to help transform productivity, accuracy, and dramatically improve outcome. Our solution has a seamless integration with the RSLogix™ platform to increase productivity when designing control systems. EPLAN gives engineers better, more predictable tools to revolutionize how they work every day. More importantly, we give entire businesses the long-term ability to become faster, leaner and more precise.
We are dedicated to our customers through software, support, education, consultation and knowledge sharing, creating a continuous loop of improvement. Our solutions give our customers enormous leverage for their projects, huge increases in staff productivity and incredible profitability. Call us today to see how EPLAN can help reduce design time and increase productivity for your business.

ESTeem Wireless Modems — 210C Wireless Modem
ESTeem Wireless Modems has again revolutionized wireless communications with the release of the ESTeem Model 210C for the licensed 450 to 470 MHz Water/Waste Water and other SCADA markets.
The 210C meets the new FCC standards for narrow band licensing and utilizes Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM) to give the user up to 54 Kbps RF data rate with the same MESHing features and ESTeem Modem Configuration (EMC) software used in our high data rate Ethernet 195E Series products.
With an RF output of 2 watts average/10 watts peak, the 210C will provide long range reliable communication links for remote Ethernet/IP and DF1 serial applications with integral Ethernet and RS-232 communications ports

FRABA Inc. — ACCELENS Inclinometers with DeviceNet Interface
FRABA’s robust and versatile ACCELENS (ACS) inclinometers are now available with DeviceNet interface. This added network connectivity makes them suitable for larger scale applications where precision single axis (360°) or two-axis (+/- 80°) tilt measurement is needed.
In addition to high resolution, accuracy and an IP69K rating, these devices have a built-in active linearization and temperature compensation. Programmable termination resistor as well as several software filters support easy integration. All this makes ACS suitable for harsh outdoor conditions and versatile usage in industrial, heavy duty and military applications. Other interfaces are available.

HMS Industrial Networks Inc. — Anybus® Communicator
Rockwell Automation® Encompass™ Global Product Partner HMS Industrial Networks presents the Anybus® Communicator for DeviceNet, ControlNet and EtherNet/IP.
The Communicator enables users, OEM’s and Systems Integrators to interface CIP-based fieldbus and Ethernet protocols to almost any device that uses a serial protocol over RS232, RS422 and RS485.
Common serial devices the Communicator is used with include Variable Frequency Drives, Barcode Scanners, Process Instrumentation and Weight Controllers.
The Communicator is DIN-rail mounted as a standalone device presenting the serial data as simple I/O data to a DeviceNet, ControlNet or EtherNet/IP Scanner. The Anybus® Communicator functions as an adapter on all CIP networks.

Grace Engineered Products, Inc. — Extra-Duty In-Use GracePort®
Designed for wet or damp locations, Extra-Duty M8 Thru-View® housings from Grace Engineered Products allow customers to plug items into their customized GracePort® and close the cover to provide in-use protection against rain and moisture. Changes in the National Electrical Code better clarify how to protect outlets when installed outside of enclosures that are located in these environments. The NEC also recognizes that most residential in-use receptacle covers are not suitable for commercial and industrial usage. In these applications they describe an industrial in-use cover as extra-duty. Built for long life, the industrial M8 extra-duty housing fits this need.

MTE Corporation — Matrix PureSine® Active Harmonic Filter
MTE Corporation announces its newest product, the Matrix PureSine® Active Harmonic Filter. The PureSine is a powerful filtering solution for coordinated variable load power factor correction (PFC) and harmonic mitigation. The PureSine helps to keep your equipment running longer and achieves less than 5% Total Demand Distortion (TDD). The fully modular system allows the user to “right” size a system for current need, while still having the option to increase capacity as current load increases.
A user-friendly LCD control panel is standard; optional programming/monitoring software, SineSync, is available. Software communication is via the standard RS232 or USB ports or with the optional RS422/485 or Ethernet communication cards. All PureSine modules are UL / cUL. For more information, contact MTE Corporation, (262) 253-8200.

ProSoft Technology® — QuickServer Gateways & Industrial Ethernet Radios
In a new agreement with FieldServer Technologies, ProSoft Technology® will now support the QuickServer line of protocol gateways, as the exclusive provider of EtherNet/IP gateways within this product line. The QuickServer gateways enable communication between common building automation protocols including BACnet™, LonWorks™ and JCI Metasys® N2 networks, and several of the more pervasive serial and Ethernet protocols, including EtherNet/IP. The new agreement will expand ProSoft Technology’s range of network solutions and widen the availability of the QuickServer gateways to a broad range of industrial users. As an added benefit to users, ProSoft Technology offers a new option to purchase custom configuration services for the QuickServer gateways.
ProSoft Technology® now offers the new Smart Switch feature, supported in the RadioLinx® Industrial Frequency Hopping Ethernet Radios for the 2.4 GHz and 900 MHz spectrums. With Smart Switch technology, the Ethernet radios are able to intelligently route packets over the network, managing the wireless network like a standard Ethernet switch, and creating true peer-to-peer wireless Ethernet communication. The powerful, rugged Industrial Frequency Hopping Ethernet radios provide long-range wireless connectivity and support 1.1 Mbps data rates. When coupled with the efficient Smart Switch solution, these radios provide industrial, process and SCADA users with reliable ‘any-node-to-any-node’ communication, with best-in-class performance including faster scan times, faster upload/downloads, and faster PING times.

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