#SPS19 Industrial Ethernet portfolio.

Drawing on a decades-long heritage of expertise in analogue, mixed-signal and digital semiconductor technology, Analog Devices (ADI) will launch an industry-first portfolio of Industrial Ethernet solutions at SPS 2019 (26-28/11/2019) to address communication challenges within Industry 4.0, Smart Factories, and the digital transformation.

ADIEthernetPortThis new portfolio will encompass a range of innovative Industrial Ethernet technologies for building robust, scalable Ethernet connectivity solutions that advance the state-of-the-art in edge connectivity, data integration, synchronization, and system interoperability. Designed both for today’s industrial networks and tomorrow’s TSN-based systems, this portfolio will provide the flexibility, scalability and speeds to support virtually any topology and network architecture in the factory.

Visitors to the ADI booth, Hall 5, Stand 129, at SPS will learn more about these technologies, showcased in interactive demonstrations that illustrate the value of ADI deployments in various industrial use cases.

Forum presentation:
The Future of TSN in Industrial Networks
Analog Devices will participate in the Exhibitor Forum series of presentations at SPS 2019. At 14:00 on 26 November, ADI’s Tom Weingartner and Jordon Woods will be speaking on the topic of “The Future of TSN in Industrial Networks”.
The Forum is located in Hall 3.

The first demonstration illustrates the deployment of Ethernet using one of today’s industrial protocols in a time critical synchronized motion application, enhancing production quality and efficiency. A second demonstration shows how the same functionality can be achieved using TSN to carry both standard Ethernet traffic and time-critical traffic in a converged network, enabling seamless factory upgrades and flexible manufacturing.

The third demonstration is focused on ADI’s leadership role in enabling Ethernet to the Field and shows the new IEEE P802.3cg/10BASE-T1L physical layer standard communicating over 1km of single twisted pair cable, enabling Ethernet connectivity to various field instruments with a combination of industrial Ethernet protocols running simultaneously, resulting in digitization of process measurements and control.

Additional demonstrations showing interoperability of ADI solutions can be seen at PROFINET International (Hall 5, Stand 210) and ODVA (Hall 5, Stand 128).

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#EMREX19 Advanced industrial wireless network solution.

Emerson is partnering with Cisco to introduce a next-generation industrial wireless networking solution that fundamentally transforms data management to improve plant productivity, reliability and safety. The new Emerson Wireless 1410S Gateway with the Cisco Catalyst® IW6300 Heavy Duty Series Access Point combines the latest in wireless technology with advanced WirelessHART® sensor technology, delivering reliable and highly secure data, even in the harshest industrial environments.

NextGenAPInstalledTo help enable new digital transformation strategies, this industrial networking solution combines Emerson’s expertise in industrial automation and applications with Cisco’s innovations in networking, cybersecurity and IT infrastructure. Driven by the demand for greater productivity, lower maintenance costs and improved worker safety, industrial manufacturers are accelerating investment in robust IoT sensor networks combined with scalable operational analytics tools to improve organisational collaboration and decision-making. In these environments, network performance and security are critical for success.

“A secure connection that scales easily is the foundation for every successful IoT deployment.” said Liz Centoni, senior vice president and general manager, IoT at Cisco. “By using the power of the intent-based network, Cisco provides a secure, automated, rock solid infrastructure helping IT and operational teams work together to reduce complexity and improve safety.”

This next-gen wireless access point provides enhanced wi-fi bandwidth necessary for real-time safety monitoring, including Emerson’s Location Awareness and wireless video. These applications enhance personnel safety practices, improve plant security and help ensure environmental compliance. A reliable and fast connection between devices and people streamlines decision-making by providing real-time analytics. It also enables a mobile workforce to virtually come together, collaborate and resolve critical issues in a timely manner.


Bob Karschnia

“Products installed in industrial plants need to last for years, even decades,” said Bob Karschnia, vice president of wireless at Emerson. “This kind of longevity was a critical design and engineering requirement to ensure this new wireless access point was future-proofed to meet a rapidly evolving technology landscape.”

Industrial environments remain some of the most challenging and hazardous environments in the world, requiring a scalable, resilient and flexible wi-fi solution that can withstand extreme conditions in remote locations while helping ensure the safety of workers on site. The new wireless access point supports mobile applications that offer instant access to process control data, maintenance information and operation procedures, enabling improved plant productivity and worker safety.


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#EMREX19 Supplier partners chosen for outstanding performance, innovation and collaboration

Emerson’s AVENTICS GmbH recently received the Bosch Global Supplier Award in the category “Purchasing of indirect materials” and thus ranks globally among the best suppliers of Bosch, a leading global supplier of technology and services. Only 47 companies were recognized from a base of 43,000 suppliers.

aventic-updated-iiot-productBosch has been presenting these awards every two years to honor supplier excellence since 1987. Suppliers are selected for outstanding performance in the manufacture and supply of products or services – notably for partnership in addressing concerns around quality, costs, innovation and logistics. This year’s award ceremony, whose theme was “Transforming Together. Staying Ahead,” was held in Blaichach, Germany.

“With the Bosch Global Supplier Award, we pay tribute to our best suppliers around the world. The award-winners have achieved outstanding levels of excellence, and work with us in an exceptional spirit of partnership. From technological expertise to logistical quality and entrepreneurial potential – our award-winners have it all,” said Andreas Reutter, head of supply chain management at Robert Bosch GmbH.

“We are very proud of this award. It confirms that the technical expertise provided by AVENTICS pneumatics engineers and customer support provides a dependable foundation for credible partnership, facilitating innovation and customer success.,” added Dr. Peter Saffe, Vice President Marketing Machine Automation at Emerson.

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#EMREX19 Industry’s most comprehensive operational analytics portfolio.

Following years of strategic investment and innovation, Emerson has developed the industry’s most comprehensive operational analytics portfolio, delivering actionable insights to address industrial manufacturers’ most pressing operational challenges.

analytics-slide-1-en-us-5994270“The amount of data created in a manufacturing facility today is unprecedented, and there’s a great deal of hype in the marketplace over how analytics can turn this data into performance gains,” said Peter Zornio, chief technology officer at Emerson’s Automation Solutions business.

With more than 900 analytics software suppliers in the market today, users are overwhelmed with options. Many companies have embarked on enterprise-level ‘data lake’ and analytics programmes, with the goal of enabling any type of application. But most of these offerings are business analytics tools for functions like finance and supply chain management.

Emerson’s portfolio of operational analytics focuses on the greatest source of value for industrial manufacturers – the production itself. Operational analytics with embedded domain knowledge can impact and improve performance of simple equipment, complex assets and process units, and entire production plants.


Lal Karsanbhai, Peter Zornio and Stuart Harris discussing about Digital Transformation and Analytics at the Emerson Usergroup Americas Conference Sept 2019. (Pic: Jim Cahil)

“We recommend addressing the high impact, known problems first,” Zornio said. “By using proven models that make analytics accessible to the personnel responsible for the performance of assets, our customers can act quickly to solve problems faster. For example, Emerson’s solutions can detect and address 80% of the equipment failure modes contributing to production loss in a plant in real-time.”

Additionally, Emerson’s enhanced portfolio includes machine learning and artificial intelligence that can be used to identify new discoveries and deepen insight to impact business performance. These tools provide perspective previously unattainable with traditional analytics.

“With our acquisition of KNet and its integration into our Plantweb™ Optics asset performance platform, Emerson can provide not only some of the most advanced machine learning and AI tools in the industry, but also 

the connection to people and workflows, which are critical to digital transformation success,” Zornio said.

Emerson’s portfolio now provides both pre-packaged analytics solutions as well as a complete analytics toolbox for users to develop their own applications. This portfolio is supported by Emerson’s Operational Certainty consulting practice and robust data management capabilities that provide a foundation for analytics success.

• See also “Analytics key to digitalization rewards” by Paul Studebaker.

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#EMREX19 Dedicated to digital transformation.

As leaders across industries work to realise measurable business improvement in today’s complex technology environment, global engineering and technology company Emerson has announced that it has established a dedicated organisation focused on digital transformation technologies and programmes.

Stuart_Harris“The industry is at a critical point in the digital transformation journey,” said Stuart Harris (pictured right), group president for this new Digital Transformation business. “Many companies have a vision but struggle to implement practical solutions that deliver results and therefore they are getting frustrated. Other companies are solving specific problems, but not realising value at scale across the enterprise. Emerson has the technology to provide practical solutions, and the experience to define the best practices and roadmap to help make a broad operational impact.”

The new Digital Transformation business – announced at the annual Emerson Global Users Exchange Americas – brings together critical resources to help manufacturers develop and implement pragmatic digital transformation strategies that deliver industry-leading, or Top Quartile, performance. The $650+ million business combines existing expertise in consulting, project execution, smart sensor technologies, data management and analytics – all part of Emerson’s Plantweb™ digital ecosystem. The organisation will help customers not only establish a clear vision for digital transformation, but also execute with confidence and realise measurable results at each step of their journey.

“In a space inundated by confusing promises, Emerson helps customers define and execute a practical and successful path to digital transformation,” said Lal Karsanbhai, executive president of Emerson’s Automation Solutions business. “With our new Digital Transformation business, we are strategically focused on guiding customers to the right strategy, helping them drive improved organisational alignment, and implementing programmes that accelerate improved business performance.”

Emerson’s new Digital Transformation business brings together existing and new Emerson resources, including:

● Operational Certainty Consulting: facility and enterprise-level roadmap strategies and implementation to improve reliability, safety, production and energy utilisation metrics

● Operational Analytics: the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of predictive diagnostics and advanced analytics, providing insights on health and performance of operational assets

● Industry Solutions: deep, industry-specific expertise on solutions to drive key performance indicators

● Pervasive Sensing: the industry’s largest portfolio of smart, easy-to-deploy, connected devices, including wireless instruments

● Project Management: best practices, tools and resources to implement a digital transformation project with confidence.

“Customers are looking for a partner for their digital transformation programmes, and this move even better positions Emerson to be that credible partner,” Harris said.

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#EMREX19 Edge-based Machine Health Monitoring.

Emerson and Arrowhead Systems, have announced that they have partnered to produce a next-generation, machine health monitoring solution which will increase uptime for high-speed palletiser production used in container stacking but is also adaptable for use with other primary products.

emerson-arrowhead-systems-partner-on-next-gen-edge-based-machine-health-monitoring-solution-en-us-5986912The Busse SJI Viper™ High Speed Bulk Palletizer and Alpha Turbo™ High Speed Depalletizer are paired with Emerson’s machine health monitoring to give customers a solution for greater overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) by monitoring, in real-time, critical motion and pneumatic system parameters including air flow, pressure, vacuum, mechanical actuation speeds and motor vibration. System analytics and health information is processed at the edge via a local data historian with both local display or remote monitoring on a tablet or smartphone giving operators an easily accessible tool to monitor health.

“This solution offers the quickest and most scalable way to increase OEE and ultimately increase the overall production efficiency of your plant operations,” said Dana Greenly, director of business development for food and beverage packaging with Emerson’s Automation Solutions business.

The new, edge-based system has the PACSystems CPL410 at its core to bring all sensor data together for accessibility, visualisation and analysis. It is customisable and scalable to adapt to any primary product palletising system or complete packaging line. With real-time monitoring of machine health and diagnostics at the operator’s fingertips, reactive maintenance to machine failures goes away. Predictive maintenance enables planning for potential issues which otherwise negatively affect the OEE of the packaging line.

“Because we have container handling equipment running at some of the highest speeds in the industry, reaching 4000 cans per minute or more, predictive monitoring of machine health is vital to our customers’ success,” said Scott Chehak, general manager, Busse-SJI.

Emerson’s automation technologies help packaging lines gain flexibility by accommodating numerous package sizes and complexities; reduce losses by improving productivity, product quality and waste reduction; and improve operator and product safety without limiting production. Emerson’s expertise helps packaging lines reach their full potential by tackling today’s packaging challenges: flexibility, reliability, contamination and waste, and safety.


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#EDS19 HMI, switches etc on F20.

EAO will be using its participation at the Engineering Design Show 2019 to showcase its latest HMI switches, CAN bus keypads and rotary controllers. Visitors to Stand F20 will also be able to view the latest CAN bus LCD displays, encoders and rotary switches produced by US manufacturer Grayhill and cooling fans, stepper motors and drivers from Sanyo Denki. Product specialists will be on hand throughout the show to help visitors with their HMI queries.



A feature of the stand this year is EAO’s new Series 09 range of CAN bus keypads and rotary cursor controller joysticks. The new products are specifically designed for ‘functional safety’ and feature interchangeable ISO 7000 legends and programmable RGB hallo illumination. Visitors will also be able to examine samples of the new, compact Series 61 Emergency Stop switches especially designed for use in harsh environments and see the latest introductions in the popular Series 45 range of IP69K jet-wash-proof metal or plastic bodied industrial switches

Equipment Cooling Motion Control:
EAO will again be hosting products from Sanyo Denki on Stand F20. Technical specialists will be on hand to show visitors how EAO can perform accurate airflow tests to determine the optimum cooling fan for a particular design. Engineers designing products for demanding environments shouldn’t miss the opportunity to see Sanyo Denki’s IP rated waterproof and long-life fans and/or check out the company’s extensive range of high airflow axial fans, which range from 36mm up to 200mm frame sizes. EAO specialists will be able to offer advice on the best Sanyo Denki stepper or servo motors for their motion control application including the latest SF24 Sanmotion hybrid stepper motors that offer up to 10% higher holding torque and produce 3dB(A) less noise. Visitors will also be able to explore the positioning and closed loop control improvements delivered by the optical encoders built into Sanyo Denki’s new 2H stepper motors.

Grayhill Innovations:
Visitors to Stand F20 will also be able to see EAO’s application specialists demonstrate Grayhill’s ruggedised 5-, 7- and 10.4-inch LCD displays and also the company’s innovative Touch Encoder, an intuitive unit that integrates a LCD touch screen and a rotary encoder within a stylish, IP67 panel-mounted unit. The Touch Encoder is able to replace a plethora of pushbuttons, keypads and rotary switches on a control panel. The software development kit that complements the Grayhill Touch Encoder features numerous built-in widgets and graphics which users are able to customise for their application via an app.

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