#ISAuto An invitation for Automation Professionals.

“Make it part of your annual professional development plans to attend an ISA Technical Division Symposium, “ thus states a recent communique from the International Society of Automation (ISA).

isa_div_sympCheck out the dates and locations below for their upcoming  industry-specific events or download their 2017 events flyer! All these events are scheduled at various venues in the United States.

• Analysis Division Symposium (AD) 23–27 April 2017, Pasadena, CA

• Food and Pharmaceutical Industries Division Symposium (FPID) 16–17 May 2017, Boston, MA

• Leak Detection and Repair-Fugitive Emissions Symposium (LDAR) 20–22 June 2017, Galveston, TX

• Power Industry Division Symposium (POWID) 26–29 June 2017, Cleveland, OH

• Water/Wastewater and Automatic Controls Symposium (WWAC) 8–10 August 2017, Orlando, FL

• Process Control and Safety Symposium and Exhibition (PCS) and International Instrumentation Symposium (IIS) 6–9 November 2017, Houston, TX

Missed one of ISA’s 2016 division symposia events? Proceedings from all 2016 offerings are now available as downloadable products. These compilations of expert presentations serve as an insightful resource related to the valuable expert content provided as part of these industry-specific events.

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#EmrEX Cloud-based IIoT solutions #EMrNA16

Emerson is working with Microsoft to help industrial manufacturers realise the business impact and value of Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) with Emerson’s recently announced Plantweb digital ecosystem and Connected Services, powered by the Microsoft Azure IoT Suite.


Lots of interest at Peter Zornio’s IIoT sessions at EmrEX in Austin (Pic: Jim Cahill)

Plantweb, the most comprehensive and integrated Industrial IoT platform in the industry, supports Emerson’s vision to help customers leverage data, technologies and best practices to improve reliability, safety, energy management and overall operational performance across the enterprise. 


Extending a more than two-decade relationship, Emerson is also broadly adopting Microsoft’s Windows 10 IoT technology, both in its DeltaV™ and Ovation™ control systems and in data gateways, for local data processing and to serve data to Azure IoT Suite. Emerson chose Microsoft to power its Industrial IoT applications for its comprehensive offerings that span the intelligent edge with Windows and the intelligent cloud with Azure.

The Azure IoT Suite provides Emerson with a scalable and secure cloud application environment as part of its Plantweb digital ecosystem. Plantweb provides the technology and service framework for Emerson’s Operational Certainty programme, a strategic approach to help customers break free from stagnant financial performance through adoption of industry best practices and advanced technologies.

Oil and gas, refining, petrochemical and other companies can now leverage their existing investments in instrumentation sensors and communication infrastructure to power new applications to improve reliability, energy management and safety. Today’s new offerings mark an important step in Emerson’s vision to provide its customers those applications deployed as Industrial IoT services, without the need for in-house domain experts. 

“Emerson and Microsoft have a long-standing relationship to deliver sensor-driven distributed applications to run plant processes safely and reliably,” says Peter Zornio, chief strategic officer, Emerson Automation Solutions. “By integrating Microsoft IoT offerings, including cloud-based Azure IoT Suite and smart device-driven Windows 10 IoT, we are excited to expand the Emerson Plantweb digital ecosystem to cloud applications that can also be delivered in a turnkey ‘connected service’ model for the entire enterprise.”

 Sam George, Microsoft partner director, Azure IoT said, “Emerson has a laser focus on helping their customers achieve their highest performance and their offerings are a great example of the transformational power of IoT. Our proven success with the Azure IoT Suite and Windows 10 IoT in industrial applications provides the flexible, secure environment industrial manufacturers need to confidently adopt Industrial IoT.”

This combination of Emerson application expertise, hosted on Microsoft Azure, will provide a compelling suite of Industrial IoT applications to expand digital intelligence to the entire manufacturing enterprise. These applications will be easily and quickly deployable and have immediately quantifiable business benefits for industrial manufacturers looking for better operational performance.

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#EMrex Harnessing IIoT for Operational Certainty. #EMrNA16

Leveraging decades of digital automation expertise, Emerson has introduced the expanded Plantweb digital ecosystem, a scalable portfolio of standards-based hardware, software, intelligent devices and services for securely implementing the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) with measurable business performance improvement.


Peter Zornio presents (Pic @MNTrain twitter)

Plantweb becomes the most comprehensive and integrated Industrial IoT portfolio in the industry. In addition to highly secure process control, safety and asset management systems, Plantweb now supports enterprise-wide operations with an expanded portfolio of Pervasive Sensing field instruments, the Secure First Mile family of software, gateways, security devices and services, the Plantweb InsightTM and Plantweb AdvisorTM scalable suite of software applications, the AMS ARESTM Platform, and Microsoft-enabled, cloud-based remote expert Connected Services.

First introduced as the industry’s most advanced process control and safety network, Plantweb now harnesses the power of Industrial IoT to expand digital intelligence to the entire manufacturing enterprise, while also providing an architecture for on-premise applications. Plantweb provides a comprehensive framework to help manufacturers achieve Top Quartile performance in the areas of safety, reliability, production and energy. Top Quartile is defined as achieving operations and capital performance in the top 25 percent of peer companies.

“In 1997, Emerson revolutionised the automation landscape with Plantweb, the first field-based digital plant architecture,” said Peter Zornio, chief strategic officer, Emerson Automation Solutions. “Now, we are doing it again by harnessing the power of Industrial IoT to give customers the technology foundation for Operational Certainty.”

Emerson’s Plantweb digital ecosystem includes several new products, services and partner-enabled solutions:

• Pervasive Sensing: Expanding the industry’s largest portfolio of measurement and analytical technologies, Emerson is introducing a non-intrusive temperature sensor, as well as new sensing technologies in the area of corrosion detection, medium voltage electrical protection, and hazardous gas leak detection, among others.

• Secure First Mile: Getting the right data to the right people can improve operational performance, but with increased connectivity comes increased risk – especially during the `first mile’ when data is moved from the plant floor onto the internet to power IT and cloud-based applications. Emerson’s Secure First Mile is a set of architectural approaches and designs that allow customers to selectively connect highly secure data from protected control and operation systems (OT) to operational performance applications in the cloud environment (IT).  The portfolio, which includes a family of security services and robust, secure and flexible servers, gateways, and data diodes, ensures experts gain immediate access to the information they need, whether on premise, in a private company cloud network or to a third-party service provider.

Plantweb InsightSoftware: A comprehensive, lightweight portfolio of IT-friendly applications with analytics for monitoring asset health. Plantweb Insight applications can run independently of existing business systems and distributed control systems (DCS) and provide a simple yet powerful entry point to Industrial IoT. These applications are perfect for proving an Industrial IoT strategy and gaining quantifiable business impact. Plantweb Insight applications can be deployed as a single asset class and scale to a wide range of assets, each with low entry cost and simplified set up. Virtual machine-based deployment makes Plantweb Insight a low IT requirement application.

• Plantweb Advisor Software: A robust suite of integrated analytical expert applications for asset health, performance modelling and facility-wide energy optimisation. Health Advisor, Performance Advisor and Energy Advisor applications are scalable to thousands of assets across multiple facilities for enterprise-wide equipment and energy analytics. Plantweb Advisor applications can be run on premise, in a private company cloud network or through a third-party cloud services arrangement. The widely adopted OSIsoft PI System’s highly scalable open data infrastructure is used as a platform for these applications. Plantweb Advisor suite applications are an easy migration and extension of investment in the Plantweb Insight applications when users seek a more advanced, integrated analytical environment.

•  AMS ARES Platform: An easy-to-deploy software asset management platform that aggregates the health of assets from multiple business systems, and pushes this data to relevant plant personnel depending on their roles and responsibility, either on desktop or mobile device. (see also 

• Always Mobile: Enabling the mobile professional access to role-based tools, analytics and dashboards anywhere, anytime, Emerson extends the reach of Plantweb by adding mobility to the AMS and DeltaV™ process automation platforms. Experts can now have secure, mobile access to the information needed to perform their jobs, regardless of where they are. The DeltaV Mobile application allows users to securely and remotely monitor their process and receive notifications on user-selected process alarms. The AMS Trex™ Device Communicator provides maintenance technicians with a consumer-quality user experience in a rugged tool built to withstand harsh industrial environments in order to isolate and repair problems without interrupting production. AMS Asset View’s persona-based alert system ensures that reliability personnel receive the important and relevant alerts needed to ensure asset health critical to production.

•  Connected Services: An Industrial IoT-enabled cloud services offering for real-time monitoring of important assets’ health, energy consumption and other operational applications. Emerson experts constantly monitor and report on asset and operational performance, prioritised repair and asset trending. The service is highly scalable, leverages existing technology investments and utilises advanced security capabilities of Emerson and Microsoft.

• Microsoft Azure and IoT Cloud:  Emerson has standardised on the cloud-based Microsoft Azure IoT Suite to enable Connected Services, expanding the Plantweb digital ecosystem to provide a secure, flexible platform for private cloud networks and third-party cloud service relationships.

According to research conducted by Industry Week, only five percent of industrial manufacturers have a comprehensive Industrial IoT strategy, while more than 50 percent see improved business performance as a reason to invest in Industrial IoT technologies.

“We have heard from customers and industry analysts alike that there is a paradox creating gridlock for customers today,” continued Zornio. “Market volatility is driving a cautious, ‘grind it out’ mentality, yet company operating performance goals demand new, transformational thinking and action. Technology is offering a vast set of new options, yet customers are left wondering how and where to begin this digital transformation.”

Emerson’s recently announced Operational Certainty program provides a clear business case for Industrial IoT investment, with an emphasis on targeting specific business challenges and achieving measurable success with limited effort or investments. As business impact is achieved, customers can then scale their adoption based on project return on investment.

“There is a lot of talk about the promise of Industrial IoT,” said Zornio. “Emerson is delivering that promise today with a compelling, flexible business case in Operational Certainty and the most robust, scalable technology and service platform with the Plantweb digital ecosystem. Emerson is putting the ROI in IoT.”

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#EMrex New Platform shifts toward delivering actionable insight. #EMrNA16

The AMS ARES™ Platform, introduced byEmerson, is designed to prioritise and deliver asset and device health data, enabling maintenance decisions that increase operational and asset availability. Anywhere and anytime, users can securely access and share key data, with asset health summaries available on traditional desktop PCs, laptops, smartphones, and tablets−inside or outside the plant.

pc_tab_phone_screenThe introduction of this Platform represents an evolution toward a new, modern portfolio of AMS technologies and services, focused on providing digital intelligence and tools to help customers operate their plants and assets more effectively. Part of Emerson’s Plantweb™ digital ecosystem, the AMS ARES Platform gathers data from multiple sensing technologies, and provides a holistic view of the current health status of plant assets. 

Persona-based access to information ensures the right personnel have instant access to clear health overviews of assets that are relevant to their plant responsibility. A streamlined dashboard and embedded tools for assigning prioritisation based on criticality allow users to determine quickly the urgency of an issue, facilitating faster workflows to increase plant performance.

“Plant personnel need to know the health of their assets in relevant time to when they need it,” said Duncan Schleiss, vice president of business development, Emerson Automation Solutions. “Emerson is committed to delivering solutions that provide information to those that can fix problems before they become production issues. By providing a secure, flexible and easy to deploy platform that communicates with many types of assets, asset health is published and available to all with minimal effort and in relevant time.”

The AMS ARES Platform marks a measurable shift away from managing data and toward delivering actionable insight. More asset visibility doesn’t have to mean slogging through more data. The AMS ARES Platform delivers information based on responsibility so that each person sees only pertinent data.

Designed as a platform to evolve with process industry evolutions, the AMS ARES Platform takes advantage of the OPC UA open architecture. Giving users the potential for HMI and historian connectivity and access to business intelligence and reporting tools, the AMS ARES Platform can make asset health truly part of the business dashboard.

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#EMrex Eliminate One Trillion dollars! #EMrNA16

Emerson helps companies improve earnings as much as 15 percent and achieve Top Quartile performance

As the oil and gas, petrochemical, refining and other manufacturing companies face mounting pressure to achieve improved financial results, Emerson has launched Operational Certainty™, a technology and engineering-based programme designed to help industrial companies achieve top performance and recover more than $1 trillion in operational losses globally.


Mike Train – Emerson Automation Solutions

Emerson is introducing new peer benchmarking insights to bring better perspective on best practices and technologies to achieve Top Quartile performance in the areas of safety, reliability, production and energy management. Top Quartile is defined as achieving operations and capital performance in the top 25 percent of peer companies.

The company is also launching a new Operational Certainty consulting practice plus expanded project execution methodologies and resources. Additionally, the company announces a new Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) digital ecosystem to provide the technology foundation for companies to securely implement Industrial IoT to achieve measurable business performance improvement.

“With a global contraction in capital spending, the industry is under tremendous pressure to hit financial targets with existing assets,” said Mike Train, executive president of Emerson Automation Solutions. “The key to setting and achieving new performance goals is first understanding what is possible given today’s technologies and which levers can deliver measurable, predicable results.” 

A few examples of Emerson’s findings:

•             In terms of safety, Top Quartile performers had one-third the number of safety incidents as compared to their average industry peers. 

•             In terms of asset reliability, Emerson found that Top Quartile performers spend half as much on maintenance compared with average performers and operate with an incremental 15 days of available production each year.

•             In the domain of production, Top Quartile manufacturers spent 20 percent less on production-related expenses as compared to average producers.

•             In the areas of energy and emissions, the top 25 percent of producers spent one-third as much as the industry average on energy costs and had 30 percent less CO2 emissions.

Despite years of operations improvement programmes, many producers are increasingly disappointed with nominal improvements achieved. Due to limited peer benchmarking and uncertainty about which approaches will yield the greatest improvements, companies are trapped by decades-old work practices that fail to take advantage of advanced digital technologies, resulting in stagnant financial performance. 

“Manufacturers are stuck in a ‘grind it out’ mindset, frozen in a paradox of needing dramatically better results yet being risk-averse to try new approaches,” said Train. “Companies lack the confidence in knowing which investment option will move the needle on financial performance.  Operational Certainty provides a clear roadmap.”

With its industry expertise, consulting services, comprehensive automation technologies portfolio and new Industrial IoT solutions, Emerson is able to help customers extract greater value from their investments and deliver measurable results to the bottom line.

“By helping customers leverage the best practices and strategies of Top Quartile performers, Emerson is able to help customers improve their earnings as much as 15 percent,” said Train.  “We know precisely what behaviours are delivering industry-leading performance and what is required for other companies to reach those levels.”

To aid customers in establishing a path to Top Quartile performance, Emerson starts with Operational Certainty Workshops, consultant-led sessions that help customers pinpoint their causes of poor performance, prioritise actions that can yield the greatest improvement and establish a scalable work plan for achieving those results. Customers interested in the Operational Certainty Workshop can learn more at Emerson’s website.

In 2015, Emerson first introduced the opportunity for Top Quartile performance in capital projects with Project Certainty, a commitment to help the industry address a crisis in poor capital project performance. Emerson reported industry data demonstrating that 65 percent of all projects over $1 billion fail to meet financial and schedule goals. The industry has responded, adopting new approaches and technologies to transform the way capital projects are designed, engineered and executed.

“Emerson introduced Project Certainty at precisely the right time, when the industry was desperately seeking new ideas for improving capital projects,” said Train. “We believe the same is now true for Operational Certainty. Customers are hungry for new ideas and proven ways to harness the power of Industrial IoT to make technology work in measurable, meaningful ways.”

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#HM16 Reliability recognised.


LtoR: Eugene Wojciechowski (Husky), Randy Auld (Husky), Andreas Baumüller (Baumüller), Stephan König (Husky), Roel Hoogveld (Husky)

Husky presented Baumüller an award as the supplier of the year 2015 in the category “Date & Delivery Reliability” at the Hannover Messe 2016. The drive specialist Baumüller with headquarters in Nuremberg, Germany, and the plastics machines manufacturer Husky, with headquarters in Canada, have already collaborated for many years. Baumüller supplies the machine manufacturer with motors, drive technology and accessories.

Thanks to the constant further development of its internal process flows, the automation provider Baumüller can satisfy its customers’ requirements to their full satisfaction. Husky therefore decided to award the honor to the drive manufacturer “in recognition of outstanding delivery performance“.

“We are very pleased by this award”, says Andreas Baumüller, Managing Partner of the Baumüller Group. “We see this is as a sign that constant optimization and innovations are paying off for our customers as well as for us.”

 #baumüller #PAuto
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#HM16 Memorandum of Understanding signed!

The OPC Foundation and CAN in Automation have agreed to collaborate in the development of specifications, white papers, guidelines and processes that provide the infrastructure necessary for the two organizations to promote system wide interoperability. Deliverables from the collaboration between the two organizations will benefit the members of both of the respective organizations in the pursuit of developing and achieving information integration across a multitude of domains.

OPC+CIAAt the Hannover Fair, Thomas J. Burke (left), President and Executive Director of the OPC Foundation and Holger Zeltwanger, CiA Managing Director, signed a Memorandum of Understanding in which both organizations agree to closely cooperate in the development and marketing of shared deliverables to foster interoperability.

“The OPC Foundation collaboration with CAN in Automation provides the infrastructure necessary to achieve information modeling of data from CAN technology enabled devices and networks and be able to leverage the power of OPC UA providing generic information integration and seamless communication between devices and applications from the embedded world to the cloud”, says Thomas J Burke. “CAN networks are used in many different application fields, inclusive of vehicles, industrial automation, building automation, healthcare and oil / gas. This closely aligns with the vision of OPC Foundation in the pursuit of domain independence and seamless interoperability across domains”.

“The intended mapping of OPC UA services to CANopen brings embedded and deeply embedded real-time networks to the factory-level communication systems,” says Holger Zeltwanger. “OPC UA servers can be implemented on CANopen host controllers, gateways, or other sophisticated CANopen devices.”

  • The OPC Foundation is a nonprofit international standards organization dedicated to providing the best specifications, technology, certification and process to achieve multivendor, multiplatform, secure reliable interoperability for moving data and information from the embedded world to the enterprise, inclusive of big data and cloud functionality. The OPC Foundation has developed the OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) as the infrastructure and solution for the Internet of Things and is domain independent.
  • The CAN in Automation (CiA) international users’ and manufacturers’ group established in 1992 develops the internationally standardized CANopen® technology. This includes the CANopen and CANopen FD® application layer and communication profile specifications as well as the CiA® standardized CANopen device, application, and interface profiles. CiA also specifies application programming interfaces (API) as well as middleware-mappings to CANopen.
 @OPCFoundation #CAN #PAuto
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