#Productronica The ultimate flying probe test technology.

On the threshold of 30 years of business, Seica Spa continues to lead the way on the road to innovation, showing a complete range of innovative solutions for every board test requirement, from printed circuits to the most complex assembled boards, offering the best technological approach for each specific manufacturing scenario.

Pilot-FX-PressThe Pilot4DV8 e Rapid 280 are both full, double-side testers, and they represent the best in Flying Probe test technology for, respectively, assembled boards and PCBs. Visitors to Seica’s booth will see both systems in fully automated configurations, thanks to the new automatic loader/unloader magazine modules provided by Seica Automation.

The Pilot4DV8 has 12 mobile test resources distributed on the two sides of the board under test, and its unique vertical architecture means that all resources are available at all times for testing. A series of high level performances allow this system to maximize test speed, repeatability, test and positioning precision and fault coverage, even on the most advanced-technology boards, which are ever more complex, with high-density circuitry contained in very small dimensions. The system at this edition of Productronica will be shown in the new pass-through configuration, integrated into a horizontal, automated line.

The Rapid 280 has 8 completely independent test probes distributed on the two sides of the PCB under test. The availability of 4 probes per side and, even more importantly, of all the measurement hardware and software intrinsic to the Seica platform, means that this system can perform all types of testing: standard electrical tests, Kelvin measurements, tests of embedded active and passive components in a simple and completely integrated way. At Productronica, Seica will be highlighting the high productivity of this solution, using the integrated automatic conveyor coupled with the automated load/unload modules provided by Seica Automation.

Continuing the emphasis on automation, which is also an essential element of the “Industry 4.0” scenario, Seica will be showing the Compact SL in the Quad-Job configuration, a completely automated solution for high-volume manufacturing environments. Configurable for in-circuit, pre-functional, functional and combinational testing, this system is able to ensure high speed test of boards and panels, while maintaining high quality standards of measurements and data traceability, operating in a fully automated line and performing the true parallel test of four UUTs. The system architecture conforms to the World Class Manufacturing standard, and is the practical demonstration of how the Seica Compact line has integrated the concepts of lean production, maintaining a small footprint without sacrificing performance.

The “lean” concept signifies, above all, the optimization of resources, and the Pilot4D FX is designed to provide a solution for testing panels of boards which optimizes the sharing and multiplexing of expensive measurement resources. The unique and revolutionary “Flying fixture” philosophy of this system is, effectively, the link between flying probe and bed of nails test, providing the best balance of high throughput and electrical test flexibility.

Another essential factor of lean production is the optimization of time, and Productronica will see the world premiere of the latest leap forward in reducing the time required to develop functional test programs: “From spec to test – no programming required!

Pilot V8PT_1-3-scont

• Visitors will be able to learn more about this new software concept at Seica’s booth in Hall A1 Booth 445, where the MINI line of testers will also be on display.
• Visitors will be able to view Seica‘s solution for laser-based selective soldering, the Firefly, as part of a fully integrated production line at the Seica Automation booth (Hall. A3 Booth 305)

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