#Achema Krohne introduces complete pressure portfolio.

With the release of the OPTIBAR series, KROHNE extends its range of process instrumentation to include pressure measurement.

Since the release of the first compact pressure transmitter in 2012, KROHNE has been continuously working on its own pressure portfolio. During ACHEMA 2015, a complete portfolio for process pressure, hydrostatic pressure and differential pressure was unveiled. The new OPTIBAR series includes a variety of pressure transmitters with ceramic or metallic measuring cells, application specific diaphragm seals, primary elements and accessories to equip flow, level or process pressure applications – from single transmitter to complete measuring points.

New OPTIBAR series covers process pressure, hydrostatic pressure and differential pressure applications.

New OPTIBAR series covers process pressure, hydrostatic pressure and differential pressure applications.

Starting with transmitters, the portfolio holds pressure transmitters with ceramic or metallic measuring cells for standard applications: OPTIBAR PC 5060 with capacitive ceramic measuring cell is aimed at all applications up to +100 bar / +1450 psi gauge. OPTIBAR PM 5060 with metallic measuring cell and fully welded process connection is used for high pressures up to +1000 bar / +14504 psi gauge, aseptic processes, and, in combination with diaphragm seals, for high temperature or corrosive applications. Compact and ultra-compact transmitters, e.g. for OEM applications, are also available.

The differential pressure (DP) transmitter OPTIBAR DP 7060 marks the center of the transmitter range. It can be used for either flow, level or process pressure applications up to 420 bar / 6091 psi. The integrated absolute pressure measurement eliminates the need for an additional sensor in flow and level applications, e.g. to measure head pressure in closed/pressurized vessels. Smallest measuring span of 10 mbar / 0.145 psi gauge is ideal for applications with small turndown ratios, and quick step response times allow for use e.g. with pulsating flows.

All OPTIBAR PC, PM and DP transmitters are based on a modular concept and share interchangeable housings, electronics, display and adjustment modules. Hereby, different requirements such as intrinsically safe / explosion proof concepts, or 4…20 mA HART 7 / HART SIL 2/3, FOUNDATION fieldbus, PROFIBUS PA communication options can be met with just one platform.

For DP volume or mass flow measurement of liquids, gases or steam, KROHNE offers a wide portfolio from primary elements to complete measuring points from one source with matched, pre-configured components. Medium temperatures -200…+1000°C / -328…1832°F, process pressure up to 420 bar / 6091 psi, and line sizes from DN25…12000 / 1…470″ can be covered. As primary elements, averaging pitot tubes are available as a simple, cost-efficient and long-term stable alternative next to orifice plates. Pitot tubes are especially suitable for applications that require a low pressure loss, retrofit of existing pipes with a flow measurement, line sizes > DN 300 / 12”, or low pressure gases. The portfolio also includes wet-calibrated meter runs for small line sizes and low measurement uncertainty, a flow computer, optional pressure and temperature compensation as well as accessories for safe and easy installation of pressure transmitters in the process such as valves and manifolds, condensate pots, or general accessories. All DP flow instruments can be wet calibrated up to DN 3000 / 120″.

Hydrostatic pressure is used to measure liquid level, density or liquid-liquid-interface in open and pressurized vessels of any size. The OPTIBAR modular product line offers a complete portfolio of pressure and DP transmitters, diaphragm seals and accessories for measurement of corrosive and non-corrosive liquids and slurries up to 450°C / +842°F and 420 bar / 6091 psi. As a simple level measurement solution for wells or tanks, submersible probes are available. A large portfolio of process connections, including different hygienic process connections for a hygienic, dead zone-free installation, covers the requirements of various industries.

The OPTIBAR modular product also covers process pressure applications to measure pressure in pipes or vessels from -1…+1000 bar / -14…+14504 psi gauge and 0…+600 bar / 0…+8702 psi gauge absolute. Over 250 thread, flange and aseptic process connections are available for different industry standards, including special materials. As standard, the transmitters cover process temperatures up to +150°C / +302°F without diaphragm seal. For temperatures up to +450 °C / +842 °F or corrosive mediums, OPTIBAR DS diaphragm seals are available, also pre-configured with direct, capillary or combined direct/capillary mounting.

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