@SensorsShow Debut for emissions & pressure sensors and signal amplifiers.

Kistler Instruments are showing three new products at the Sensors & Instrumentation Show 2015 in Birmingham (GB); acoustic emission sensors, high sensitivity miniature pressure sensors and a signal amplifier for both piezoelectric and voltage output sensors.

AE Sensors
5434_AE_sENSORSThe Kistler Acoustic Emission Sensor has an integral impedance converter for measuring acoustic emission (AE) above 50 kHz in bearing based machining structures, high pressure vessels, compressors and valves. Its small size makes it easy to mount the AE sensor near to the source of emission to optimally capture the signal using just one bolt. Available in both intrinsically and non-intrinsically safe versions, the AE sensor is very rugged with a welded housing giving IP65 protection and wide operating temperature range from -54°C to 165°C.

Miniature Pressure Sensors
5435_SENSOR_601C_HRThe new Type 601C miniature pressure sensor, available in both charge output and voltage output types, is especially suited to a wide variety of applications where very small pressure pulses need to be measured. The high sensitivity of the unique PiezoStar® crystal developed by Kistler, much higher than that possible with quartz, allows small pressure fluctuations which are superimposed on static pressures to be measured with exceptional resolution. In addition to the high sensitivity and small size, the new charge output sensor has an extremely wide operating temperature range from -196 to + 350°C at pressures up to 250 bar. Typical applications include pressure pulsation on pumps and compressors and dynamic measurements on pyrotechnic devices.

LabAmp Charge Amplifier & Data Acquisition Unit
The new Kistler LabAmp Type 5165A, especially suited for use with the new Type 601C pressure sensor, is designed specifically to combine impressive flexibility with convenient usability for the measurement of dynamic signals from a wide range of piezoelectric, Piezotron® (IEPE) and voltage output

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