#Achema OEE improvement through live monitoring of packaging lines!

Werum IT Solutions presented its PAS-X KPI Solution together with Mediseal and Dividella packaging machinesat this years Achema.

Werum IT Solutions' PAS-X KPI Solution together with Dividella packaging machine.

Werum IT Solutions’ PAS-X KPI Solution together with Dividella packaging machine.

In the future, Werum’s KPI tool will be available as a standalone product solution for lean implementation with packaging machines of Mediseal and Dividella. KPIs such as Availability, Effectiveness and Quality are displayed together with the resulting OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) in real time and right where they are generated. Operators will be able to directly monitor the performance of their line on a screen or mobile HMI monitor.

The shop floor performance booster for pharma and biotech manufacturing
For efficient pharmaceutical manufacturing it is essential both for operators and supervisors on the shop floor and for production site managers to constantly monitor the operating data. Thus, all stakeholders can use the key performance indicators (KPI) from the production and packaging lines to optimize their processes or equipment. Werum’s PAS-X KPI Solution provides powerful functions for ensuring operational excellence and lean manufacturing by combining PAS-X data and equipment data for performance management.

Live monitoring of production for operators and supervisors
On the shop floor, the PAS-X KPI Solution automatically acquires process data related to Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) in real time. The results are visualized on different monitors and can be understood easily to aid decisions. Operators and supervisors can view the current status of their packaging lines and their production targets at any time. If data is not provided by the equipment, the PAS-X KPI Solution also allows operators and supervisors to manually enter the causes of interruptions, such as setup times, pausing times or maintenance.

Software-aided decision making for production site managers
Production site managers benefit from standard reports allowing the analysis of aggregated data with drill-down functions for root cause analysis. For example, the OEEs for the same product manufactured on different equipment can be compared easily. The gapless recording of process data in the system facilitates continuous improvements in terms of efficiency, productivity and profitability of the production lines.

Easy-to-use KPI solution
The PAS-X KPI Solution comes with device-specific dialogs. They are optimized for large screens, for example used at packaging lines, and also for tablets used by supervisors. The graphical user interface has a well-structured and color-coded design that draws the operator’s attention to the essential aspects. Monitors on the shop floor display all important KPIs in real time so that operators and supervisors can always view the status of their line.

Fine-tuned interaction of KPI software and Medipak machines
Pharma and biotech customers benefit from a powerful and user-friendly KPI tool directly operated at their packaging line and supporting them in maximizing the manufacturing performance. “Werum’s KPI solution offers the advantage of a fine-tuned interaction of software and Medipak machines. Thus, it can be introduced in a more secure and faster way than comparable third-party software products,” says Karl Hoffmann, Senior Director Marketing & Business Development, Werum IT Solutions GmbH. “Thanks to this integrated solution, our customers can look forward to reduced costs of implementation and operation.”

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