#Achema15 Device for hydrostatic level measurement.

LABOM, German-based manufacturers of measuring devices, will present their new level measurement device PASCAL Ci4 at ACHEMA 2015 in Frankfurt (hall 11.1, booth F46) from 15 to 19 June. For the first time, the user-interface software of a pressure measurement device has been fully optimised so as to enable hydrostatic level measurements. The measured value can be displayed as level, volume, or weight of the tank content. Additionally, PASCAL Ci4 supports users in gauging the total volume of a given tank with a guided menu. This makes it possible to model the shape of the tank in a few steps, so that lengthy calculations of height and volume based on complicated tables are not necessary anymore. The device also offers the option of calculating the density of the tank contents based on a detected level.

Ci4_Delta_LabomLike the other devices in the Ci4 family, the level version of the PASCAL Ci4 comes with a certified SIL2-compliant hardware and software architecture as well as ATEX and IECEX approvals. It delivers a 4…20 mA output signal with a total error of only 0.1 per cent. Its rugged stainless steel housing can be configured for several versions with protection classes IP65/IP67 or IP69K.

The development of the new device was aimed at creating a user experience with the same high level of convenience and intuitiveness already offered by pressure measurement with the other measuring transmitters in the PASCAL Ci4 series. Thanks to the modular system of LABOM, the new level version of the PASCAL Ci4 can also be combined with any diaphragm seal from the manufacturer’s portfolio. This means that, for surfaces in contact with the medium, all special materials are available, such as Hastelloy, tantalum, or a vacuum-resistant PTFE coating. The differential pressure versions for pressurised tanks can be supplied with capillary connections, or with high-side attached pressure transmitters.

A backlit high-resolution graphics display and intuitive four-button operator guidance support a fast and convenient parameterisation. During set-up, input for all key parameters is prompted one by one. Likewise, the teach-in of the tank shape only requires the user to input the current filling volume, or weight, at several intervals. Based on this, the measuring device automatically calculates all other relevant parameters after the filling process has been completed. Using the simulation feature, the parameters height, volume, weight, and electric current can be simulated manually, which makes it possible to test the downstream part of the measuring chain. However, the zero-point and span can also be calibrated in pressure units, for example during regular checks at the machine shop.

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