#HM15 Wireless switchgear: the (near) future of industrial production!

.steute (Hall 9, Booth G 06)) will be taking a look at the (near) future of industrial production under the heading“The Integrated World” – in line with the motto of this year’s fair: “Integrated Industry – Join the Network”.

steute_HM15The company will be presenting examples of how switching devices can help to make production more flexible and more dynamic, as well as future ways in which they can be integrated in company-wide data interchange.

The necessary platform has already been developed by the steute engineers. Switching devices and wireless receiver units can be upgraded to include a “network operation” function. Here an intelligent router constitutes the hard and software interface to customer-specific IT systems, e.g. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or warehouse management. This permits the greatest possible freedom when assigning functionalities and providing information.

The interface between wireless switch and customer IT has different possible designs. This is true of both the network topology and the communication protocol (TCP/IP, Wi-Fi….). The software platform is fundamentally flexible here, and the variant which is initially chosen will depend on the wishes and demands of the users with whom steute realises its first projects.

On the product side, innovations being presented in Hanover by the business division “Wireless” will include self-sufficient wireless switching devices which boast even greater transmission reliability thanks to their “Listen before Talk“ (LBT) functionality,.

An additional innovation which will be presented for the first time is our RF 13 series: the most compact industrial wireless switch with an “energy harvesting” function, i.e. with an electrodynamic energy generator, currently on the market.

Our business division “Extreme” will be presenting new series of switchgear which have been developed especially for use in extreme ambient conditions and explosive environments.

Also at the Hanover Fair will be our business division “Meditec”, which develops top-quality user interfaces for medical equipment in operating theatres, and which is currently working on new types of (wireless) signal networking.

As well as in Hall 9, steute will also be part of the engineering cluster “Intelligent Technical Systems – it’s OWL“ (Hall 16, Booth A 04). In this cluster, which crucially works towards implementing new, more flexible production strategies (keyword: Industry 4.0), steute is involved in two cross-section projects: “Human-Machine-Interaction” and “Intelligent Networking”.

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