#HM14 Smart data improves the performance of industrial plants!

Big data in industry: the amount of data used in production companies is rising considerably as a result of the growing complexity and increasing penetration of IT in manufacturing.

Mit Smart Data die Leistung von Industrieanlagen steigern / Smart data improves the performance of industrial plantsThere is vast potential in this area which has largely remained unexploited until now. The decisive factor is to record and analyze the right data, for example process and production data, from the right sources continuously and in real-time. To achieve this, Siemens is offering new, data-based services – “Data-Driven Services”. They help to increase not only the effectiveness of the entire plant, but also the energy efficiency of machines and systems.

About Eoin Ó Riain

Sé Read-out iris uaithoibríoch, ionstraim agus stiúradh na hÉireann agus an "Signpost" a áit ar an idirlín! Read-out is Ireland's journal of automation, instrumentation and control and the Instrumentation Signpost is it's web presence.
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