#SoftwareRevolution: Updated software improves integration support for online process optimisation & yield accounting accuracy

Invensys has released a new version of its Off-sites Software Suite. The updated software features new web client capabilities for the Analyser Management and Data Acquisition system module and increased performance and support for a wider range of web browsers for the Tank Information system, Order and Movement Management module and Material Balance Module web clients. The new release also provides enhanced support and design documentation for integration with the company’s SimSci Yield Accounting Solutions. It can automatically transfer inventory data to help ensure accurate accounting of material transactions in the plant. Integration with the company’s SimSci ROMeo 6.1 online process optimization software provides accurate crude composition data as real-time input from off-sites crude feedstock inventory and blending operations.

Updated Off-Sites software from Invensys improves integration with SimSci optimization for more accurate crude composition data.

Updated Off-Sites software from Invensys improves integration with SimSci optimization for more accurate crude composition data.

Product overview:
Invensys offers a powerful DCS-independent off-sites and terminal operation solution that addresses inventory management and product blending— two of the key areas contributing to overall refinery performance improvements. Increased automation and operational performance reduces the cost of operations, while at the same time improves refinery safety compliance and business performance.

Invensys Refinery Integrated Operations Management Solutions add the Off-sites Software suite for consistent and accurate refinery inventory information, optimal planning and scheduling, and to improve online process optimization and material loss management.

Key capabilities:

  • Accurate tank inventory, order and  movement management;
  • Off-line blend setup, validation, pre-blend and online optimization;
  • Automated and precise tank emissions monitoring and reporting;
  • Quality analysis, analyser management and validation to address operational quality procedures such as EPA 40CFR80 requirements;
  • Integration with SimSci ROMeo refinery-wide simulation and optimization solutions.

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