#ISAms Expert on technology’s impact on the media and consumers to address summit!

Peggy Smedley is main keynote speaker & plenary panelist at ISA’s 8th Marketing & Sales Summit.

Peggy Smedley, Editorial Director of Connected World magazine and an internationally known expert on technology and the media, will be the main keynote speaker and plenary panelist at the upcoming ISA’s 8th Marketing and Sales Summit (#ISAms), in 28th September 2013 New Orleans, (LA USA).

Peggy Smedley

Peggy Smedley

Smedley’s keynote presentation at 8:30 a.m. on Thursday, 12 September, “M2M: Service Before Your Customer Sees It Coming,” will examine how machine-to-machine (M2M) technologies and devices may soon enable companies to address their customers’ and potential customers’ needs even before the individuals themselves fully recognize them.

M2M technologies leverage the expansion of IP networks across the world to allow both wireless and wired systems to communicate with other devices of the same type. While M2M has existed in different forms since the advent of computer networking automation, particularly in industrial automation and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) applications, it is fostering new opportunities and sales connections between producers and consumers.

Smedley, is an outspoken advocate and supporter of connected devices and M2M technology. She serves as the President of Specialty Publishing Co., the Editorial Director of Constructech magazine, and the host of The Peggy Smedley Show, a radio programme in the US. A media specialist in educating the public on how technological advances are altering the relationships between business and consumers, she also will serve as a panelist at a lunchtime plenary later that day entitled “Big Data: What are We Learning from Mobile Technology and Loyalty Programs?”

MLearyThe plenary, moderated by Matt Leary of Solutions Insights, will explore best practices for leveraging Big Data in manufacturing and automation marketing and sales programs. Among the many questions that the expert panelists will answer include:

  • What marketing messages can you craft around Big Data that will drive both adoption of your products and additional value for your customers?
  • How can sales professionals have a useful conversation with prospects and customers about their Big Data issues?
  • How can you help your customer champions be heroes in their own companies with Big Data?

The theme of this year’s summit, “Innovation in Automation: Navigating the Maze of Customer Connections,” pinpoints the tools, strategies, and insights needed to successfully negotiate through today’s fast-changing automation environment, and meet demanding marketing and sales objectives.

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