#EMreu13 Preparing new workers for safe operations on Russian oil pipeline

LUKOIL uses Emerson’s technologies to enhance operators’ skills
Training complex based on Emerson Process Management’s DeltaV automation system and Kongsberg`s K-Spice® software helps prepare operators for safe offshore process control

This project was the subject of a presentation  at the Emerson Press Event in June 2013

LUKOIL is using a PC-based training simulation system to prepare new workers for safe operations at the Russian oil company’s offshore facilities, as well as to certify and upgrade the skills of current employees.

LUKOIL’s offshore platform in the Yuri Korchagin oil and gas field

LUKOIL’s offshore platform in the Yuri Korchagin oil and gas field

The Operator Training Solution enables workers to safely interact with a realistic simulation of the controls for an actual operation – in this case, LUKOIL’s fixed offshore ice-resistant platform in the Yuri Korchagin oil and gas field.

The simulation includes oil and gas production and treatment processes, as well as operation of the platform’s power complex, utilities and life-support systems. The training solution reflects the platform’s full-scale DeltaV digital automation system, DeltaV SIS safety instrumented system, emergency shutdown system, and fire and gas systems, and it includes control, start-up, and shutdown procedures for the platform’s key process units. The high-fidelity simulation also enables LUKOIL engineers to see the effects of potential process or control changes.

Detailed training scenarios help workers become familiar with normal operating procedures and learn how to identify, localise, and respond to emergency and upset conditions. They can use the Operator Training Solution to make simulated process changes, commission and decommission equipment, and start-up and shut-down platform installations and systems. Each training scenario includes an automated evaluation system to assess operator performance.

“To enhance our staff training capabilities, we chose an Emerson Process Management and Kongsberg solution that enables us to effectively run different work scenarios to help ensure safe operation and normal equipment start-up, even in abnormal situations,” said Aleksey Kazakov, First Deputy General Director and Chief Engineer of LUKOIL-Nizhnevolzhskneft.

“Emerson is pleased that we can help LUKOIL in training personnel for its strategic facilities,” said Johan Vanderplaetse, vice president of Emerson Process Management in CIS and Turkey. “The growing use of such computer-based training by oil and gas leaders reflects their commitment to enhancing safety and improving personnel skills.”

The Operator Training Solution is part of LUKOIL’s new Corporate Training Centre, which is the first corporate centre in Russia that helps reproduce real operating conditions workers will encounter in offshore oil and gas facilities. The centre can train approximately 2500 personnel each year.

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