#HM13 Alarm publications translated to German

• Auf Deutsch “Handbuch-Duo liefert wertvolle Ratschläge für Alarmmanagement und Bedienerschnittstelle”


PAS, a leading provider of human reliability software and services to the power and processing industries worldwide, has now translated into German, The Alarm Management Handbook and The High Performance HMI Handbook written by PAS Founder and CEO, Eddie Habibi, and PAS Alarm Management Principal Consultant, Bill Hollifield. M+W Process Automation GmbH, a German leading independent supplier of automation solutions for the chemical, pharmaceutical, and automotive industries, will distribute the books.

“The next significant opportunity in improving industrial safety and productivity is clearly in capturing and delivering critical knowledge to plant personnel where and when they need it,” said Chris Witte, Senior Vice President and Site Manager, BASF. “The alarm management and the high performance HMI handbooks are a must-read for anyone involved in designing effective knowledge capture and delivery systems for control room operators.”

The control operator in an industrial plant must remain vigilant during the long hours of normal operations, while being prepared, at any moment, to respond to abnormal situations that can potentially lead to catastrophic consequences. An effective alarm system and high performance HMI significantly reduce operator fatigue, enhance situation awareness, and help in mitigating abnormal situations.

The Alarm Management Handbook includes an industry recognized seven-step methodology for designing and implementing an effective alarm system based on ISA-Norm ANSI/ISA – 18.2 standards.

“We believe that when an operator at an industrial plant has a ‘bad day,’ everyone has a bad day, including coworkers, the surrounding community, and the shareholders,” said Eddie Habibi, co-author and CEO of PAS. “We have shared our best practices in these books to aspire to make the world a little safer and the environment a little cleaner by empowering operators to be more vigilant and succeed at mitigating costly incidents.”

“We believe the role of the operator at a processing plant is critical to plant safety, compliance and profitability,” Habibi said, “We wrote these two books to help plant operators be more successful at performing their duties.”

“As part of our commitment to bring innovative automation solutions to our clients in Germany, we are proud to have participated in the translation and distribution of these two essential handbooks,” said Ruediger Trobisch, Manager Manufacturing & Business Integration, M+W Process Automation GmbH.

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