#Elec12 Documentation for DfT, test & assembly

ASTER develops innovative modules for documentation and engineering.

TestWay Express -Documentation for DfT, Test and Assembly

Powerful modules can be implemented as part of QuadView, the industry standard in PCB visualization, or as part of TestWay Express, the reference in testability analysis. With a single click, Documentor® will produce all of your PCB reports and documentation. Testability analysis reports, assembly/inspection documentation, manufacturing/test instructions and process pages are all handled seamlessly.

It is a powerful document management tool that allows quick and easy creation of comprehensive shop floor documentation, as well as the formatting of testability analysis reports.

Documentor® is a dedicated toolbar add-in for MS-Word that allows direct access to TestWay Express and QuadView. Simply load one of the previously created templates using MS-Word, select the ^TestWay project to document, and then start creating the report. Several output formats are available: DOC, PDF or HTML.
HTML is the basis for a paperless solution where documents are fully interactive within the QuadView viewer.

Engineering Change Order (ECO) is designed to facilitate post fabrication, PCB modifications.

It is fully integrated within QuadView as a new ECO toolbar to handle post fabrication PCB modifications such as track cuts, drilled vias; wire straps, component addition or removals and glue dots, etc… All these actions are automatically documented and can be exported to Documentor® or a text file.

A BOM comparison is performed automatically, which simplifies the creation of documents detailing the actions necessary to upgrade the board. This innovative feature greatly reduces the engineering effort in the creation and generation of ECO documentation.

These modules allow comprehensive documentation to be created for the entire shop floor; ensuring engineering solutions are disseminated accurately and consistently. This maximises quality and minimises engineering effort.

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