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Strong exhibitor demand for HANNOVER MESSE 2013

Follow the Red Carpet for Automation! Action at the 2012 Hannover Fair.

With its clear focus on core technologies and services that enable industrial production, innovation and efficiency, HANNOVER MESSE is valued by companies and organizations around the globe as the world’s premier industrial technology showcase. “The positive feedback we’ve received from exhibitors and visitors alike and the excellent registration levels augur very well indeed for a strong HANNOVER MESSE 2013,” said Dr. Jochen Köckler, a member of Deutsche Messe’s Managing Board.

Dr. Köckler sees this performance as doubly remarkable, given the current economic outlook for the next few months. “As the premier international meeting place for decision makers and investors from industry, business and government, HANNOVER MESSE has shown time and again that it has the power and influence to kick off new trends and shape future developments.”

The global economic situation means that enterprises are looking to next April’s event to inject fresh momentum into the industrial technology market.  “Many firms have already registered display space. In fact, six months out from the start of HANNOVER MESSE, some 70 percent of the available exhibition space at the Hannover Exhibition Center has already been booked – a level which is unprecedented at this early stage in the planning cycle. That’s because companies know that in Hannover they can turn opportunities into real sales.”

The organizers of HANNOVER MESSE, which will run under the motto of “Integrated Industry,” anticipate that the Hannover showgrounds will be booked to capacity in 2013. “Given the high level of registrations at this early stage, we have every reason to be optimistic about next April’s show,” explained Köckler. “And one other thing is for sure: the fair will again be an international showcase of the highest caliber, where visitors will find the full range of solutions for all the big challenges facing all sectors of industry today. HANNOVER MESSE profiles the current state of the art in industry and previews key future trends.”

Five core theme areas and limitless synergy potential
HANNOVER MESSE’s main strength is the incredible breadth and diversity of the innovations on show combined with the in-depth coverage given to each of its five core theme areas of Industrial Automation and IT; Energy and Environmental Technology; Power Transmission and Control; Industrial Supply, Production Technologies and Services; and Research and Development. “All the technologies on show in each theme area have one thing in common – they are designed to boost the productivity and therefore the competitiveness of manufacturers,” said Köckler. However, what makes this fair truly unique is the level of interdisciplinary information sharing it facilitates as well as the sheer limitless synergy potential it creates by concentrating all key industries in one location at the same time.

Hannover Fair features a powerful array of networking events, panel discussions and forums to cultivate and multiply the myriad valuable new business contacts and concrete business deals made at the exhibition stands. Decision makers and investors from around the world attend these events to learn about the latest trends, themes and technologies. This comprehensive supporting program is instrumental in facilitating interdisciplinary knowledge sharing and creating a large proportion of the over five million new business contacts made at the fair each year.

Spotlight on “Integrated Industry”
Networking is not only important to the exhibitors and visitors at Hannover, it is also a critical part of our technology future. The growing integration of all sectors of industry is reflected in the official motto the 2013 event, “Integrated Industry.” The motto heralds a future where machines, industrial equipment, work pieces and system components are increasingly intelligent and able to exchange information with each other in real time. This capability is the key to seamlessly documenting individual products throughout their entire life cycle and to the automatic initiation of vital processes, such as maintenance and repairs.

Digitisation and IT are profoundly changing the way companies operate and cooperate. They are affecting the way information is exchanged within enterprises and boosting collaboration within and across different industries, leading to exciting and highly effective new alliances. For these reasons it is only fitting that HANNOVER MESSE, the world’s biggest marketplace for all sectors of industry and the foremost incubator of interdisciplinary synergies, should adopt “Integrated Industry” as its lead theme and motto.

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