#elec12 New performance PXI DMM

See the GX2065 at Electronica 2012, Hall A1, booth 621.

Geotest has recently introduced the GX2065, a 6.5 digit PXI DMM for high performance measurement applications and it will be on display at Electronica (Munich D 13/16 Nov 2012). The GX2065 is a full-featured, multifunction DMM and digitizer – offering all of the capabilities associated with standard bench top DMMs including DCV, ACV, 2 and 4 –wire resistance measurements, and current measurements. Additionally, the GX2065 features a 3 MS/s, 16 bit, isolated input digitizer which allows users to acquire and analyze waveforms.

Featuring 6-½ digit resolution, 0.005% basic DCV reading accuracy and up to 3,500 reading per second (rps), the GX2065 provides measurements that are accurate, fast and repeatable. All measurement functions including digitizing functions are isolated from the PXI bus – providing the ability to make true differential, floating measurements. An on-board controller performs all necessary DMM and digitizer calculations, minimizing PXI control bus overhead.

Instrument Software and Signametrics Compatibility
The GX2065 is supplied with a virtual instrument panel, 32/64-bit Windows drivers and Linux drivers. Interface files are provided to support a variety of programming tools and languages including ATEasy, Microsoft® and Borland® C/C++, Microsoft Visual Basic®, Borland Delphi, and LabVIEW. In addition, the instrument is supplied with SMX2040 & SMX2060 compatible drivers, allowing customers that have existing Signametrics DMMs to easily upgrade to the GX2065.

GX2065 Key Features:
• Market leading 3 MHz, 16 bit, isolated input digitizer which allows users to acquire and analyze waveforms. Up to 8192 samples can be stored in the digitizer’s memory
• Built in analysis and waveform functions include RMS, average, peak to peak, and peak to average
• Time stamp, frequency and period measurements
• Extended operating temperature range option
• User calibration and verification supported by CalEasy – Geotest’s calibration software suite


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