#ISAutowk Lessons in security & safety

Many of us were present at the ISA Expo in New Orleans in 2001 when the events that came to be known as 911 occured in the United States. Whether or not we agree with what happened since it is manifest that many developments in the defence, military and security sectors have impacted the world of automation. The invasion of the Stuxnet, Duqu, Gauss etc have left the process, manufacturing industries and utilities very vulnerable.  This will be reflected in the technical programme at this years successor to ISA Expo, ISA Automation Week in September 2012.

Protecting vulnerable infrastructure

Two senior executives from 3eTI, an Ultra Electronics company, will be presenting three informative sessions based on the company’s military-grade, ISA100 wireless mesh solutions. Thurston Brooks, vice president, product marketing, and John Suzuki, vice president, sales and marketing, will discuss the challenges faced by various military agencies in securing critical infrastructures as well as physical facilities, the solutions developed and deployed by 3eTI, and how each of these solutions has been adapted for industrial use.

Critical infrastructure.
He will deliver “Integrated Perimeter and Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) with Persistent Awareness” as part of the Security Track. (25/9/2012, 1:30 p.m.) As terrorist organisations develop ever-increasing sophistication in their use of advanced technology, security officials in industry are pressured to keep ahead of the game. The target lists are expanding into critical infrastructures such as power grids, industrial plants, airports and rail transportation. In this presentation, a case study examines how critical SCADA systems protection offers a unique solution against terrorist attack, supporting Federal initiatives and requirements. These systems have been deployed and are proving to be a crucial asset in protection.

Is your plant secure?

Secure Wireless
His second presentation will be in the Wireless Track on the next day. (26/9/2012, 1.30pm) Entitled “Leveraging a Secure Wireless Network for Automation and Control” it will examine how private sector facility managers are now turning to the military for guidance on deploying government-validated wireless networks in challenging environments. Wireless for industrial automation will be built on the new ISA 100.11a standards. This paper will introduce how the standards security posture must be improved to meet the needs of the federal government, and will outline the latest ISA100.11a OEM boards and capabilities in a secure US Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) Publication 140-2 validation wireless solution.

Green, secure and safe – compatable principles?
John Suzuki will address “Making “Green Grid” a Reality without Sacrificing Security,” in the Safety Track (26/9/2012, 1.30pm) To create a Green Grid will ultimately require wireless that ensures secure real-time facilities or utilities control (802.15.4 ala ISA 110.11a) to be successful. The “Green Grid” is all about monitoring and control for energy savings, but is building an infrastructure that is insecure, opening a Pandora’s box of new threats to SCADA systems. This presentation will outline how the integration of security and condition monitoring into a single system, incorporating advanced technology for intrusion detection and condition anomaly monitoring; and centralized facility usage monitoring and control and data fusion for improved situational awareness has resulted in a solution that leverages existing industrial-based, secure wireless and networking solutions.

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