#EMrexDD Addressing process manufacturing safety

Technologies focus on process manufacturing safety concerns

Emerson Process Management has launched three technologies that can help reduce the complexity of process manufacturing safety.  Included in this initiative are:

This launch represents another step in Emerson Process Management’s continuing efforts to enhance end-user’s safety performance, including its total-loop approach to safety instrumented systems.

The challenges process manufacturers face are complicated by a loss of in-house expertise as experienced engineers retire  and increasing emphasis on producing in emerging markets or far-flung locations where attracting skilled personnel is difficult.  Emerson Process Management has responded by reducing the hardware and design engineering necessary to start up a manufacturing process quickly and successfully, introducing rotational equipment protection technology and providing enhanced final element diagnostics and reliability.

DeltaV SIS™ Logic Solver CHARM I/O Technology

The DeltaV SIS logic solver incorporates the two field proven technologies of the DeltaV Logic Solver and the DeltaV system CHARM I/O introduced in 2009. The resulting enhanced safety instrumented system design, simplifies project execution and adds schedule flexibility by reducing design and engineering requirements.

The CSI 6300 SIS protects rotating equipment, typically pumps, compressors, or turbines, from improper start-up or overspeed conditions. It detects the rotational speed of the rotating equipment and acts to shut it down if the speed reaches the safe operating limit. This prevents equipment damage or hazardous operations due to surging that can be caused by unplanned load swings, for example. The CSI 6300 also detects when a rotating device moves in the wrong direction, a condition that can occur particularly during start-up. This is the only product available today that fully meets the newest industry standards.

The DVC6200 SIS valve positioner extends Emerson’s field-proven Fisher® DVC digital valve controller technology into safety loop operation.  The new module is fully TÜV certified for use in safety applications. The DVC6200 is equipped with on-board diagnostics that detect a high percentage of potential valve failures while the valve remains in operation. By performing a partial valve stroke test, the DVC6200 can determine if the valve is stuck open, has inadequate torque, is too slow, exhibits high friction, or has a broken shaft. Determining the health of the device on a periodic basis can permit maintenance of the final safety element in a prioritised and planned fashion.

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