#EMrexDD Users’ share knowledge!

“The cornerstone of the Emerson Global User Exchange is the wealth of knowledge and experience shared by users.”

This is the boast of Emerson which to a large extent they prove by the success of their Events which have up to now being held in the United States.

29/31 May 2012

This year for the first time they are bringing all the hype and excitement of what twitter calls #emrex, to Europe and have scheduled two days at the end of May this year for us Europeans in Duesseldorf on the Rhine.

This 3 day conference represents a unique opportunity for Europeans to learn best practices, implementation successes, tips from their peers and other suppliers, and proven project solutions.

The Exchange consists of presentations, industry forums and solutions exhibition. Those looking to improve energy efficiency with enhanced automation, meet new regulatory requirements, increase yields, or get more out of their automation investments, there will be a formidable array of themed presentations from which to choose.

Let’s take Life Sciences for instance! Here there will be a forum. The format of the forum is to consist of a short opening statement from Peter Zornio, CSO Emerson Process Management followed by 10 minute presentation by Peter Iles-Smith, of GSK, to set the panel topic. A round table panel discussion will give the chance of raising specific challenges seen by participants in their own working environment. The panel will consist of speakers from Roche, GSK, Novartis and NNE Pharmaplan. The interesting thing is that the panel is entirely made up not so much of Emerson personnel but rather user participants. This will be the pattern throughout the event.

Many of the forums, (other topics include Chemical, Engineering, Oil & Gas, Power) will be supplemented by booths in the Solutions Exhibition Hall where real-time demonstrations may be seen.

This is certainly an event not to be missed and indeed Read-out will be there so look out for us!

About Eoin Ó Riain

Sé Read-out iris uaithoibríoch, ionstraim agus stiúradh na hÉireann agus an "Signpost" a áit ar an idirlín! Read-out is Ireland's journal of automation, instrumentation and control and the Instrumentation Signpost is it's web presence.
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1 Response to #EMrexDD Users’ share knowledge!

  1. Eoin, I’m not sure about the hype… 😉 but I’m definitely planning on being there and look forward to seeing you and your readers who join us in Dusseldorf! I’ll be encouraging folks to join our Emerson Exchange 365 community- http://community.emersonexchange.org

    See you there!

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