#SPS11: TE Connectivity solutions

TE Connectivity showcases its Hybrid Connectivity Solutions

Both the Power4Net and the Motorman hybrid connectors integrate several functions into a single compactly designed connector.

The flexible Power4Net hybrid connector has space for up to eight power and four Ethernet contacts – or even for twelve power contacts by changing the insert – and has been designed for machine automation applications that require high data transmission security and power of up to 10 Amps. The Motorman hybrid connector goes even further and features two fast Ethernet interfaces, five power sockets (three AC and two DC), five signal sockets and one protectionearth-contact. Both connectors provide reliable connection technology and meet the demanding durability, safety and quality requirements of real-time Ethernet applications in industrial automation.

Combining power supply connectivity, plus Ethernet and/or signal into a single cable and connector significantly reduces cabling complexity and costs while providing flexibility in machine architecture. The Power4Net and Motorman hybrid connectors from TE also reduce installation time, as only one cable providing multiple functions needs to be installed per motor.

Designed with the Customer in Mind
The Power4Net hybrid connector complies with the VARAN-bus standard, a real-time Industrial Ethernet protocol used in industrial automation. It is especially suitable for use in the molding industry, as it enables quicker change-over time for molds, reducing installation time by up to 50 percent as fewer cables and connectors have to be installed. It also helps to increase safety with real-time communication and data repeat in the event of data loss via the VARAN standard. In addition, it creates a flexible network by combining star, line or tree network and modular machine structures.

The Motorman hybrid connector is designed for applications that use decentralized servo motors connected via a deterministic system. Applications include I/O connector on decentralized servo motors or AC servo motors with PCB and drives (amplifiers) for use in industries such as packaging, assembly or food processing machines. Motorman is particularly suitable for use in consumer-goods industries as it allows the production line operator to decentralize the production process easily. Machine architectures can be more flexibly arranged, resulting in cost and electricity savings.

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