#ISAutowk Technical Division Awards

The recipients of its annual Technical Divisions Awards  were presented with their awards at an awards luncheons during ISA Automation Week in Mobile, October 2011.

Technical Divisions are ISA membership groups that offer networking and educational activities with members around the world who work in the same industries or who have the same technical interests. Networking can be done via email discussions lists, in person at events and via newsletters. Technical Division members are encouraged to write, review, and present technical papers at ISA symposia and ISA Automation Week; and to publish technical papers. Division members also plan and conduct the annual symposia. ISA has 16 Technical Divisions that are divided between two departments, the Automation and Technology Department and the Industries and Sciences Department.

Automation and Technology Department and Industries and Sciences Department Awards
The awards from these two departments were presented as follows:

In the Industries and Sciences Department
2011 Outstanding Division:  Power Industry Division
2011 Outstanding Division, Honorable Mention:  Water and Wastewater Industries Division (WWID)
2011 Communications:  Food and Pharmaceutical Industries Division (FPID)
2011 Most Improved Division:  FPID Division

In the Automation and Technology Department
2011 Outstanding Division:  Analysis Division
2011 Outstanding Division, 1st Honorable Mention: Communications Division
2011 Outstanding Division, 2nd Honorable Mention: Management Division
2011 Communications: Analysis Division
2011 Most Improved Division:  Communications Division

Dr Peggy Ward-Koon - Recognised

In addition, Dr. Peggie Ward-Koon was recognized for her work as Industries and Sciences Department vice president from 2009 through 2011.

Water and Wastewater Industries Division Awards
WWID 2011 Best Symposium Presentation:  Carmon Kamrani  for “SCADA: An Integrative Approach”
WWID 2011 Best Symposium Paper: Graham Nasby and Matthew Phillips, “SCADA Standardization: Modernization of a Municipal Waterworks with SCADA Standardization” (Graham & Mathew were also awarded the Keith Otto Award for this paper at a ceremony by the Publications Department the previous day.)
WWID 2011 Member of the Year: Graham Nasby, Hamilton Section
WWID 2011 Outstanding Leadership:  Jon DiPietro, Boston Section

Analysis Division Awards
ISA’s Analysis Division also honored members, as follows.

The Gilmer/Thomason/Fowler/Konrad Technical Paper Award winners include:
1st Place:Xiang (Sherry) Liu, Wenhai Ji, Alfred Feitisch, Marc Trygstad and Bill Jenko for “Advancing TDL Technology: Applied Spectroscopy in Service of Process Control Objectives”
2nd Place: Phil Harris and Kirk Mankin for “Mass Transport in Sample Transport Lines – Adsorption Desorption Effects and Their Influence on Process Analytical Measurements”
3rd Place: Ulrich Gokeler for “Column Switching Simplification In Process Gas Chromatography”
Analysis Division 2011 Member of the Year: Phil Harris of HariTech

Analysis Division 2011 Symposium Innovative Product of the Year:
Cameron, Measurement Systems Division, process analytics for the development and introduction of the Intelligas Pygas Sampler which was shown at the 56th Analysis Division Symposium in League City, Texas, USA


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