#Productronica Design-to-test from Aster

During Productronica 2011 in Munich  (D) 15-18 Nov 2011, ASTER Technologies will be demonstrating the Design-To-Test features that have been added to the TestWay and TestWay Express, DfT and Test Coverage analysis tools.

ASTER have now added the capability to speed up the post layout test development process by generating the test files for assembly, X-Ray, optical inspection, flying-probe, in-circuit and boundary-scan machines such as MYDATA; Agilent i3070, Agilent 5DX; Teradyne GR228x, TestStation, Z1800 and Spectrum; Aeroflex; Takaya APT8000/APT9000; Acculogic; Asset; Goepel Electronics, JTAG Technologies and XJTAG.

In a recent Airbus experiment the ability to automatically export the ICT design-to-test files such as the Agilent board, board_xy, and the models for hybrid, analog and digital devices including the disabling features, reduced the test program development time by up to 30%.

In addition ASTER have embedded a test optimization algorithm within the Takaya flying probe test exporter that provides advanced test balancing and boundary-scan optimization. This can be either driven by the theoretical boundary-scan test coverage, or the real test coverage imported from ACCULOGIC, ASSET, GOEPEL Electronics, JTAG Technologies and XJTAG testers. Additional exporters are currently under development to cover the test and inspection machines in the complete assembly line.

Christophe LOTZ, Managing director of ASTER said: “TestWay and TestWay Express have always been able to analyze test strategies in order to define the overall test coverage, but now have the ability to generate a test program that reflects the customer’s choice. Test balancing, is a key feature to minimize the test cycle by removing overlapping tests between the various test and inspection stations.”

It is becoming increasingly important to be able to organize test and assembly documents such as assembly and test instructions around CAD data, and provide a seamless transition between documents and board viewers. To this effect, ASTER has developed a QuadView portal that allows customers to organize their electronic documentation around the QuadView board viewer.

By centralizing data through a user friendly interface, various document types such as PDF, HTML, TestWay reports etc, are all made available at the same time with cross probing between all the documents and the QuadView schematic, layout and virtual schematic viewers.

All product properties become available on one screen such as RoHS status, product family and version etc. The portal also allows customers to organize documents by classifying them under tabs e.g. Assembly, Test, Control etc.

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