#ISAutowk Automation & Control Track

17/20 October 2011 - Mobile AL USA

The organising committee of this years ISA Automation Week have been very busy these last few weeks with releases on the goodies that will be provided for automation professionals. The sessions of its Automation and Control System Design Track have just been announdced. This track will present new technologies, methods and applications as they relate to the design of automation and control systems. The sessions include:

  • Applications of Simulations—presents several examples and perspectives on the application of dynamic simulation to validate control strategies before their implementation in the field, enabling quick and inexpensive identification and solution of problems
  • Reactor Control—teaches practical ways to maximize reactor control system performance. Innovative, simple optimization techniques are offered, with rules of thumb, insights for concepts and principles, checklists for design and implementation details, and more. The essential aspects of measurements, valves and proportional–integral–derivative (PID) controllers; and the effect of process dynamics, tuning and operating conditions are also covered.
  • Distillation Control—provides principles of distillation operation to design the most effective basic control strategy by proper pairing of controlled and manipulated variables. An understanding of column control objectives, operating constraints and response dynamics is developed to properly pair these variables. The basic concepts of overall and component material balances and distillation separation due to the relative volatility of key components are explained.
  • Measurement Technology—focuses on improvements in distance and level measurement technologies, and provides guidance on the impact of the new American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) thermowell standard on thermowell selection
  • Measurement Research—presents current research efforts in measurement technologies for various applications such as thin films, detection of helium in hydrogen streams and use of ultrasonic flow meters for fuel custody
  • Regulatory Control Performance—shows attendees how they can improve their regulatory control (PID) performance and get the most out of their regulatory control loops
  • Applications/Building Automation—includes presentations on the development of unified functionality in building automation, the application of the ISA99 standard and the efficient cooling of buildings in desert climates
  • Industrial Practices—provides an opportunity to learn and exchange information about important topics for efficient and reliable plant operation, including the improved reliability of butterfly valves, application batch distillation control, and Foundation Fieldbus tree design

“We’ve attracted some of automation’s top subject-matter experts to present the latest technologies—and the basics—in this very important track. The impact that good, efficient automation and control system design has on the health of a company and its bottom line cannot be overemphasized. The sessions we’ve developed here will give attendees tools they can use to improve their operations now, and to start planning for the future,” said Track Chair, Jeff Arbogast.

“This application oriented track gives engineers, scientists, technicians and management the information they need to make critical decisions to plan, design and implement superior automation systems within their facilities. I hope to see every seat filled,” added ISA Automation Week Program Chair, Greg McMillan.

Note: If you are an exhibitor at ISA’s Automation Week in Mobile (AL US) be sure to send details of your exhibit for inclusion on these our Exhibition & Conference pages. We intend to visit this important event in October 2011.

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