#ISAutowk Energy track announced

The sessions of the Energy Track at ISA Automation Week 2011: Technology and Solutions Event have been announced. The conference will take place in Mobile, Alabama, USA, 17-20 October 2011. The Energy Track offers a spectrum of presentations on recent advances in automation for buildings, industrial plants and power plants.


“The Energy Track is one of many outstanding tracks at ISA Automation Week. Each track emphasizes specific technology advancements that are applied at a higher level in their associated industries. The Energy Track presents exciting advances (some may even be considered breakthrough innovations) in the energy-related technologies spanning building, industrial and power. ISA Automation Week provides an opportunity for all to glean best practices and advancements in automation technologies for energy,” said Energy Track Chair, Don Labbe, of Invensys Operations Management.

The Energy Track sessions include:

  • Building and Industrial Automation and Energy Management Improves Energy Efficiency — Covers how energy management systems can help building management engineers and facility managers design and build facilities that make the most effective use of energy. Explains how an enterprise infrastructure captures real-time energy consumption data to help companies improve efficiency and reduce costs
  • Energy Optimization: Monitor, Improve, and Sustain Energy Productivity — Explains how success in energy optimization depends on deploying the right combination of technology, decision making and leadership. Compares the characteristics of industry leaders and laggards, shows how to discover and capitalize on common energy opportunities and details a state-of-the-art methodology for energy-intensive processes
  • Modeling Provides Practical Solutions for Emissions Compliance and Controls — Details how model predictions can be substituted for actual measurements in emissions monitoring, and dynamic models can be applied to design control logic prior to installation
  • Enhancing Fossil Fired Power Plant Controls to Meet Changing Load Dispatch Requirements— Focuses on how novel coal fired power plant designs and controls address efficiency, load dispatch capability, cost savings and enhanced revenue. Explains why control and operational flexibility are key ingredients to sustainable, cost-effective electricity generation
  • Hydro, Boiler and Alternative Energy Control and Optimization— Covers how maximizing hydro efficiency increases the load generation of a limited resource, how a fully integrated solar-power system allows full isolation from the grid, and how to improve boiler efficiency through feedwater cycle control.
  • Novel Methods to Lower Fuel Consumption and Conserve Energy
    Focuses on the ways that control enhancements, alternative fuels and energy conservation can lower fossil fuel consumption, such as on-line model predictive control adaptation.
Note: If you are an exhibitor at ISA’s Automation Week in Mobile (AL US) be sure to send details of your exhibit for inclusion on these our Exhibition & Conference pages. We intend to visit this important event in October 2011.

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