Customer 2.0 Hits Industrial Automation Market: Are You Ready?


Social networking… smart phones… tablets… blogging…self-publishing… content creation… media distribution

The digital revolution is radically changing the way our businesses must
market ourselves and requires new tools and tactics for sales. Customer 2.0
is more mobile, better informed, less reachable, and expects more than ever
before. And the rules are different in the automation market. But there’s a
place just for automation sales & marketing…

6th Annual ISA Marketing & Sales Summit
“Are You Ready for Customer 2.0?”
September 7-9, 2011

Chase Park Plaza, St. Louis, MO, USA.



How does an industrial automation company compete in this new Web 2.0 reality where the users of a medium are also its owners?

This mass democratization has shifted the power away from cold calling and
advertising. It demands a new messaging strategy. Our customers have ready access to information 24 hours a day, and it’s not just about appearing in Google Search anymore. Broadcasting a message is no longer sufficient, it’s just as important to listen and discover what our customers want and truly care about. In the automation industry, this complexity is only increasing.

Buying teams are growing, budgets are shrinking, the sphere of influence is beyond the reach of any marketing and sales team.

Join us at the 6th Annual ISA Marketing and Sales Summit to find out more
about these core issues and how companies like ours can effectively embrace
Customer 2.0. Have the conversations with industry experts and your peers
that will help improve your business and expand your professional expertise
and network.



“Last year’s summit in Atlanta was my first. I was amazed at how willing all of the attendees were to share ideas and practices. Of course all of the conversations had a professional limit to the amount of disclosure, but everyone was very willing to talk. I met people from outside my circle that I would never meet anywhere else.” – 2010 ISA M&S Attendee.

The Read-out Signpost is a sponsor of this event: See “So Good we’re doing it again!” (13/5/2011)

About Eoin Ó Riain

Sé Read-out iris uaithoibríoch, ionstraim agus stiúradh na hÉireann agus an "Signpost" a áit ar an idirlín! Read-out is Ireland's journal of automation, instrumentation and control and the Instrumentation Signpost is it's web presence.
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