#APworld Leading edge level from K-Tek

K-TEK will be demonstrating their “leading-edge” level technologies at ABB Automation & Power World 2011 (April 18-21, 2011, Orlando, FL US). Now a part of the Measurement Products Business Unit within ABB’s Process Automation Division, this is their first time exhibiting at the conference. They will feature their products for level and volumetric measurements of liquids and bulk solids in several industry sections of the conference’s Measurement Products booth:

K-TEK’s first time at A&P World

Industrial Solutions
• LM80, low cost, high accuracy laser level and distance transmitters that feature a unique, all digital design

Oil and Gas Solutions
• MT5000 Series of guided wave radar transmitters certified for use in SIL2/3 (Safety Integrity Levels 2 and 3) applications

Power Solutions
• MagWave™, dual chamber level measurement system designed to provide independent, redundant measurements
• KM26, the industry-standard magnetic level gauge with 3⁄4” extruded outlets
• LS Series of magnetically coupled level switches with hermetically-sealed cam action mechanism and one-step switchpoint adjust for more reliable measurements and zero maintenance

Water and Wastewater Solutions
• KSONIK MICRO, compact, low cost, ultrasonic level transmitter/switch; features Variable GAP technology that allows the instrument to work even in the presence of dust, vapor, or foam
• KSONIK I, low cost, ultrasonic level/flow transmitter for measuring liquid level or solids at up to 50 ft. (15 m) or flow rates in all types of open channel applications
• KCAP400, RF (radio frequency) capacitance switch with KSHIELD technology that provides immunity to conductive coating build-up and assures accurate, repeatable operation
• KM26, the industry-standard magnetic level gauge with 3⁄4” extruded outlets
• K10, compact, ultrasonic transducer that measures at up to 50 ft. (15 m)

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