#Hannover Extended diagnostics and communications for motor starters

The Siemens Division Industry Automation has expanded the Simatic ET 200S High Feature motor starter with various communications and diagnostics functions. With the new Profienergy communications functions, the motor starters can be integrated into the energy management system of a plant to enable, for example, connected loads to be switched off during production breaks to save energy. Using the acyclic data services of the newly integrated DP V1 profile for Profibus and Profinet as well as expanded statistics and diagnostics data, the Simatic ET 200S High Feature motor starter provides a wide range of additional information for device, plant and process monitoring. This means that process deviations can be detected more easily and installation, initial commissioning and maintenance is made simpler.

Three logbooks have now been integrated into the Simatic ET 200S High Feature motor starter for events such as device faults or tripping of the motor starter, and time-stamped events. The plant operator can read these from the motor starter as required and use them to monitor equipment or analyze processes, as well as using the device and plant status information. The data record “Device diagnostics” is also available for the purpose of device and plant monitoring, which contains information regarding the configuration of the motor starter as well as its current device and communications status. The “Installation and maintenance” functions are also new. These can be used to store information about the modules used, and engineering data can also be stored, such as a location identifier in the motor starter, so that faults can be rectified quickly and easily, hardware changes can be detected, or the plant configuration can be checked.

The Simatic ET 200S High Feature motor starter is suitable for switching and protecting any three-phase loads up to 7.5 kilowatts. The motor starter Simatic ET 200S for the modular distributed I/O system in IP20 degree of protection, is used wherever outages of machines and plants can generate high costs: for example with drives in conveyor systems, pumps in the water industry or the ancillary drives of machine tools. The Simatic ET 200S High Feature motor starter is ideally suited to drive solutions in which several motors or digital/analog sensors and actuators can be addressed from a distributed control cabinet or control box.

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