#ARCorlando Suite of solutions offer greater control at a lower price point

Mitsubishi Electric Automation Debuts MELPAQ

Mitsubishi Electric Automation introduced its MELPAQ Process Solutions offering at the  Forum.  MELPAQ solutions will focus on the water, energy management and building automation markets.  MELPAQ-H2O, MELPAQ-EM and MELPAQ-BA solutions will be the cornerstone of Mitsubishi Electric Automation’s process business in the Americas.

“MELPAQ gives all process customers the ability to gain greater control at a lower price point than the typical distributed control system,” said Joel Gil, Mitsubishi Electric Automation’s director of business development, process automation.  “Our standard solutions are designed to give users the flexibility to configure their systems according to their changing needs, unlike a distributed control system that is developed by the vendor from the initial design phase. This can greatly reduce initial and operating costs.”

The MELPAQ family is designed to handle large numbers of proportional, integral and derivative operations (PID loops), and Mitsubishi Electric process and redundant CPUs are well suited for demanding control applications.  Mitsubishi Electric products have always defined superior control performance and the PA family of solutions further promotes this performance and ease of integration that customers need to minimize their total cost of ownership.

“Our e-F@ctory solutions help integrate all manufacturing assets on a single platform and shares information across the entire enterprise,” said Sloan Zupan, product marketing manager, Mitsubishi Electric Automation. “The logical evolution of e-F@ctory is to incrementally provide process automation solutions, especially for the water, energy and building automation industries.

“We’re excited about the launch of MELPAQ,” said Zupan. “We’ve been supporting our distributors and system integrators with this new line-up, so we can add even more value for our customers.”

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