#ARCorlando Out-of-the-box remote asset management

Out-of-the Box M2M Application Enablement for Remote Asset Management, Energy Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance Application Provisioning.

ILS Technology LLC released a set of ready to use M2M application-layer integration and device management capabilities to simplify deployment of remote services for optimization and support of critical infrastructure in the commercial and industrial markets.

Their deviceWISE M2M Application Platform provides a monitoring and predictive maintenance solution that securely connects and intelligently exchanges data instantly from devices to existing enterprise applications on a global scale with no custom programming required.

With a proven history in delivering secure remote access solutions that protect billions of dollars of equipment, along with our industry proven deviceWISE portfolio for Device-to-Enterprise application integration, the company is now offering a revolutionary approach to enabling manufacturers, OEM’s, large industrial and commercial enterprises the ability to rapidly design and deploy next generation M2M applications without the need for lengthy services engagements.

“The ability to securely extend critical information from high value assets to a wide set of information consumption points is vital in today’s world of distributed work forces across geographically dispersed enterprises” says Fred Yentz, CEO ILS Technology. “Managing centralized asset information collection in a multivendor multiprotocol environment on a global scale is a daunting task, and our new deviceWISEM2M Application Platform makes it easy by allowing our customers to rapidly launch remote applications to build new service revenue streams, reduce the costs of managing remote assets and increase productivity of existing capital assets.”

“The commercial and industrial markets clearly understand the importance and challenges of Remote Operations Management.”, according to Craig Resnick, Research Director, ARC Advisory Group. “In response to these challenges, companies such as ILS Technologies are developing solutions such as M2M out-of-the-box that deliver the quick return-on-investment and business value required to justify the expenditure while providing a monitoring and predictive maintenance solution necessary to optimize and support mission-critical assets.”

The deviceWISE M2M Application Platform is offered directly from ILS Technology. In addition, the deviceWISE M2M Application Platform will be offered as a private label solution to the OEM and Broadband Carrier markets.


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