#ARCorlando Improved safety, security and asset utilisation

Apprion, the leader in industrial wireless application networks announced the release of the ION Location Application, IONite™ Personnel Tag and IONite™ Asset Tag. ION Location enables a suite of applications to address security, safety and environmental regulations and improve overall safety, productivity, asset utilization and performance. ION Location active RFID, UWB, and satellite in a single, comprehensive network. The location information from all of these systems is displayed on a single dashboard with integrated CAD drawings, maps, and satellite photographs of a site to visually navigate the entire facility from a desktop while tracking the location and condition of people and key assets from a highly accurate spatial and visual perspective.

“Apprion’s location solution addresses the issues that have compromised the value of typical solutions,” said analyst Harry Forbes of ARC Advisory Group. “While the concept of location tracking is extremely attractive in process manufacturing, the products for real-time location tracking have met limited success because multiple tagging technologies are required, because the physical environment is so difficult, and because network infrastructure is very sparse in these plants. Apprion recognizes that a technical solution that works well in a warehouse or distribution center cannot simply be scaled up to meet the needs of these plants.”

ION Location provides one unified view for simplicity, organization and visibility into all the information, activities and details of a facility’s complex network systems. This unified view gives your workforce one record with many views for better accountability, less complexity, and more impactful information.

Key features include

  • Asset Tracking – IONite Asset Tags are attached to mobile assets and tracked with the ION Location software to provide real-time location and status of all tagged facility assets for better asset utilization.
  • Personnel Tracking – ION Location’s customizable dashboard tracks and monitors employees and contractors via a map-based graphical interface that can be integrated with satellite images of the facility. Knowing where personnel are at all times and their status is critical for safety and security.
  • Site Access Control – ION Location uses a unique user ID stored on the IONite Personnel Tag to track all personnel entering and exiting sensitive areas, vehicle gates or main entry and exit points for increased security.

ION Location is tag diverse and vendor neutral. ION Location supports IONite Tags and other industrial tags such has soft-tags (handhelds), GPS location and various asset tags on the market today enabling facilities to choose the tag and tracking devices ideal for their unique environments.

IONite Asset Tags and IONite Personnel Tags are multi-radio RTLS tags that combine passive and active technologies and provide accurate location information in the ION Location Application. IONite Tags are engineered to exceed industrial regulatory and unique environmental requirements and include flexible industrial-appropriate power-source options such as long-life and rechargeable battery, and line power. Plus, IONite Tags provide more than just location information. IONite Asset Tags provide temperature data and IONite Personnel Tags track human biometrics such as heart rate and respiration.

“Unlike any other RTLS or location-based system on the market, the ION Location Application and IONite Tags are designed from the ground up to address the specific needs of industrial facilities,” said Apprion Director of Marketing, Sarah Prinster, “ION Location provides a simple, automated way to ensure that critical enterprise assets and people are at the right place, at the right time.”

ION Location is integrated with the Apprion IONosphere as part of Apprion’s ION System. This integration allows real-time location to be combined with other ION applications such as ION Video, System Health Monitoring, Mobility, and Communications to create an intelligent operations network.


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