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Emerson brings a small roadshow to the EU press

Possibly Emerson Process Management realized that their competitors had been giving the European press a lot of attention, with corporate briefings and invitations to attend several user group conferences, such as those that have been reported in the INSIDER this month.

So in a freezing day in Berlin last week, 31 European editors were assembled for a presentation that seemed to summarize the topics discussed at the US-based Emerson Exchange, a five day marathon held this year in San Antonio (TX US). After spending a day travelling to Berlin, and then facing the more difficult journey home after the snow affected most of Europe, the four hour briefing seemed a little light.

Indeed over the last two months, the INSIDER has reported on some of the topics that seemed to get the most attention in San Antonio, such as the retirement of John Berra, plus the use of the CHARMS modules at Solvay in France, and the interest from Fluor in the technique (INSIDER November 2010, page 3).

CHARMS is OK for Europe
Obviously the reports about CHARMS were indeed the major news at Emerson Exchange, because these made up the major part of the Berlin presentation. Looked at more positively the applications were after all, European.

Interestingly, the other CHARMS application reported by Emerson (INSIDER, September 2010 page 3) was in Europe, for Perstorp in Sweden, so maybe the ARC comment – highlighted by the INSIDER last month, about CHARMS relating well to the European approach and intrinsically safe wiring systems – has some deeper significance.

The other European angle
The task of introducing the presentations and setting the scene went to Bob Sharp, president of Emerson Process Management in Europe. Pointing out first that there were significant Emerson production operations in Europe, for example for radar level, for nuclear valves, and for flow products, Sharp also pointed to some market features, such as the current automation of a floating LNG gasification plant for Shell, presumably for
Italy. Apparently the European users have also embraced the WirelessHART sensors and accepted the technology faster than other areas: around 20% of the Emerson wireless sales have come from the EU.

Wireless sensors made the other main topic of the presentations in Berlin, a topic which will be analyzed in more depth in the January INSIDER. But this at least attracted some US visitors to brave the weather conditions in Europe for the event.

From December 2010 issue of Industrial Automation Insider

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