#EMReu Emerson’s Asset Management Timeline

This is a brief run-down of Emerson’s path to human centered design through to its asset management programme.

Early Years

1984 – 1994

Introduced Rosemount® Smart Family of HART® Instruments. Two-way digital communications simultaneous with analogue signals opened the way for delivery of diagnostics from field measurement devices. Handheld devices were introduced to access the information.

Introduced Fisher® FIELDVUE™ Digital Valve Controller and ValveLink™ software. They provided diagnostics on the entire valve assembly using HART communications protocol. At the valve or in the maintenance shop, plant personnel could collect and analyse data about valve position, valve operating characteristics and valve performance trending.


Introduced PlantWeb digital plant architecture. PlantWeb networks final control, plus measurement and analytical devices with host systems and software to build automation and asset optimisation solutions. It formed the basis of the digital, information-rich environment for delivering the true potential of operations.

Introduced AMS Device Manager software to manage HART and FOUNDATION™ fieldbus devices. AMS Device Manager was based on open standards and was fully integrated into Emerson’s PlantWeb architecture.

Growing Scope


Acquired Computational Systems, Inc. to extend Emerson’s diagnostic capabilities to include mechanical equipment. Software tools performed a full range of equipment condition monitoring such as vibration analysis, oil analysis and infrared thermography.


Introduced AMS Machinery Manager, the industry’s first software package to integrate multiple diagnostic technologies into a single application for comprehensive analysis of machinery health.


Acquired MDC Technology, extending scope to software and services for equipment performance monitoring and real-time economic optimisation.


Introduced equipment performance monitoring service, the industry’s first web-based solution for monitoring process equipment such as turbines, compressors, heat exchangers, furnaces, boilers and pumps. Performance results provided information to minimise unplanned shutdowns and track the cost of performance degradation.

Establishing Leadership


Asset Optimization division formed at Emerson Process Management, combining all services and technologies for maintenance and reliability, predictive diagnostics and asset management.


Launched AMS Suite, an integrated family of predictive diagnostic and performance monitoring applications covering a broad scope of critical production assets.

The CSI 2130 Machinery Health Analyzer is introduced, delivering significant advancements in portable vibration analysis.

Launched the 375 Field Communicator, the industry’s first intrinsically safe, rugged handheld with universal support for HART and FOUNDATION fieldbus devices.


PlantWeb Services are defined, helping customers to develop an asset management programme, implement predictive maintenance technologies, train plant personnel and ensure that maximum value was gained from the investment.

Continued Innovation


Smart Machinery Health Management is introduced, spearheaded by launch of the revolutionary CSI 9210 Machinery Health Transmitter, the first of a new generation of devices that extends the predictive intelligence of PlantWeb digital plant architecture to rotating equipment.


Wireless technology extends asset management to a range of process information that has been impossible or too expensive to obtain. New levels of diagnostics and predictive intelligence are enabled that help avoid unplanned shutdowns, prevent safety issues, consume energy more efficiently, and improve environmental monitoring.


Introduces online machinery monitoring with protection (API 670-approved), prediction, and performance monitoring with the release of the CSI 6500 Machinery Health Monitor.

Building on the Vision


Emerson acquires epro GmbH, a German manufacturer of API-compliant protection systems, to expand expertise and resources in machinery protection and prediction.

Launched the 475 Field Communicator, providing the next generation handheld communicator with ValveLink Mobile application for advanced valve diagnostics.

Announces Meridium relationship to combine asset management expertise


Introduces AMS Suite: Asset Performance Management, a solution delivered through a partnership with Meridium. AMS Suite APM combines predictive intelligence with asset reliability information and decision support, for strategic asset management. It reduces the complexity of today’s plant environment through tools that help plant management make better business decisions.

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