#OpsManage Product Facts

These are brief descriptions of products from the Invensys stable discussed, explained or launched at OpsManage 2010. The more detailed descriptions are pdf pages.

  • Foxboro PAC System
    The Foxboro PAC System is a high-performance automation controller solution integrated within the Wonderware System Platform and using ArchestrA technology. The Foxboro PAC hardware marries high performance, reliability and high I/O density with cost-effective redundancy options. Read More
  • Triconex General Purpose System
    The Triconex General Purpose System is a TÜV certified safety integrity level 2 (SIL2) safety instrumented system platform. The system design is based on redundant high-availability architecture and provides a robust, reliable and powerful SIL2 solution for clients looking to optimize the choice of platform specific to their safety requirements, contributing to lower investment and lifecycle costs. Read More
  • ArchestrA Workflow
    Powered by Skelta BPM.NET, ArchestrA Workflow is a process collaboration and integration solution based on the ArchestrA System Platform. It provides core workflow and collaboration functionality and enables both power users and domain experts to encapsulate manual and automated processes using a single application that captures traceability and quality data across systems to reduce errors, waste and delays. Read More
  • Foxboro IA Series 100 Series I/O Upgrade
    Foxboro I/A Series 100 Series I/O Upgrade is a mechanism to convert existing 100 Series I/O to the new 200 Series I/O by using 200 Series mounting hardware and connector adapters to the existing 100 Series nose cones and field wiring. Read More
  • Integrated Process Industry Application
    With the Integrated Process Industry Application, users can visualize different systems and data sources in one view. In this InFusion Enterprise Control System demonstration, we are running an integrated, high-fidelity plant simulation of a refinery vacuum tower, using SimSci-Esscor Dynsim. Read More
  • SmartGlance
    SmartGlance is a subscription service that pushes plant data reports from the Wonderware Historian to popular smart phones, such as the Apple iPhone, the Apple iPad and Blackberry 8000 and 9000 series phones. An endorsed partner product offered through Sarla Analytics, SmartGlance allows plant workers who use smart phones to have near real-time, read-only plant data at their fingertips. Read More
  • Software Asset Manager Customer FIRST
    The Wonderware Software Asset Manager is delivered through the Customer FIRST program for Premium and Elite customers. Customer value is realized through Software Update Services and Physical Software and License Inventory. Physical inventory is simplified through customer product license management. Read More
  • System Platform – Microsoft HyperV
    Virtualization is one of the fastest-growing and hottest technologies. Microsoft’s HyperV features like server consolidation, disaster recovery based on high availability and live migration allow users to create several Galaxy platforms with just a few clicks and migrate systems in the case of disaster recovery in a matter of seconds. Read More
  • Eurotherm nanodac
    The nanodac local historian offers the ultimate in graphical recording combined with PID control for a box of its size. The compact ¼” DIN panel mount unit offers four high-accuracy universal inputs for data recording and PID control. Read More
  • Power Industry Solutions
    Today’s providers or power and electricity face unprecedented demand, placing significant strain on an aging infrastructure, both the physical assets and the critical human assets that embody the key operational knowledge. At the same time, the power industry faces ongoing pressure to reduce costs and improve performance, while operating in a safe and environmentally responsible fashion. Read More
  • About Eoin Ó Riain

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